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What makes a song a "complete and entertaining song?"

Me as an artist feel that every song is just as writing a composition paper. But what makes it even better and more heart felt is if you actually experienced the experience you are writing about. Does that make sense? Now, I like to begin my songs with a title first (majority of the time) only once I've listened to the track. When i say "LISTEN," I dont mean just hearing the music. "LISTEN," to me means, even if it takes you unsually longer than before, you have to let that track talk to you and understand and treat that track the way she wants to be treated, just as if you were making love to the woman/man of your dreams. Once I've "LISTENED" (theres that word again) and came up with my title, now its time to put everything into perspective. This is where the hook (chorus) comes in and eventhough I like simple and catchy hooks, sometimes you have to be diverse and very analytical. Next, its verse time. 12 bars (majority of the time and especially if you want listeners to listen to your complete song)."FUCK" a 3-16 bar verses including atleast 3-8 bar hooks. That is entirely too long of a damn song. SKIIIIP! Next song. (Im not hating, im just being real). Now this is where it gets tricky (especially if you're writing about something you didn't experience), "DA DELIVERY." Every song is different to some degree and every song should be treated as so. AGAIN, "LISTEN" t that track. Spit that song over and over and over again if you have to until "YOU" find da perfect delivery. Now all you have ta do is work on you stage presence. "ARE YOU READY?"