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'My Rock Is Hard' the journey

The demo for 'My Rock Is Hard'... follow the journey from demo to release by Terranomaly (my band). Here's the link http://bit.ly/13jm8X4 Remember, this is a demo :) (video)

Ping Pong Nation

Two days ago, my rank at RN was somewhere around 356. Yesterday it was 192. Today it is 346. Rigged up and ping pong. And they want to sell me services? This kind of crap has to be fixed and RN has to come to Jesus if they ever get a dime out of me. And I would spend money with them if they were straight.

Now that I've posted this, let's see what happens to my rank. What's next, 1,299 ?

Well, Well, Well

After weeks of ignored e-mail by Jeff to RN support, he sent one informing them we were now going to have our lawyers investigate who was behind their targeting of Jeff Byrd Music, JBM label, Terranomaly band, and me. BINGO! In a snap, they returned our rankings back on (far, far, far below our #1 National Rank at the time they blew us into oblivion). I mean, really! Who can even imagine this thing is not rigged. I am still not promoting this page or this site until they have a come to Jesus moment and get their crap straight. They aren't dealing with amateurs here, and they aren't dealing with light weights. And they aren't dealing a straight hand.

Targeted hits

Targeted hits by RN against my band have ended my willingness to promote RN or my RN page. While RN is supposed to be a great place for artists to promote their work, it has become a great obstacle. I hope they got paid for doing what they did, because it is free for me to tell it to the world.

No Longer Promote

I am no longer promoting this RN page or RN itself. Please enjoy the music that is here.

Speed of Dark

Now that "Hard Rockin' Two Fisted Stogie Smokin' Woman" is released, we are finally getting into producing "Speed of Dark".

"Speed Of Dark" has a few mind bending lyrics, and kicks ass hard from start to finish. If you like hard rockin' music that also makes you think, you are going to be on cloud 9 when "Speed of Dark" is released.

BTW if you haven't done so yet, why not click that LIKE button at http://facebook.com/bentbrainmusic and at http://facebook.com/terranomaly ...

Finally Done!!!

It's been a long haul, but it's finally done! "Hard Rockin' Two Fisted Stogie Smokin' Woman" is released.


Most of my projects are with Jeff Byrd at Jeff Byrd Music. And our label is JBM.

We put off going on stage for a while because we are in the middle of writing and producing an album. Consequently, we did not need a name for the band. But that has changed.

The band is called 'Terranomaly'. Here are our social links (though we have not uploaded much to these pages yet):



ReverbNation Page: http://reverbnation.com/terranomaly

We will be uploading lots of stuff to those pages very soon, so please go ahead and LIKE and FOLLOW us there. And please fan us at the RN site--we WILL fan you back.

Now I can relax

Nothing is more relaxing for me than working on new songs and making progress daily. Now that the Christmas holiday is behind us, I can get back to work doing what relaxes me most--working on songs.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all. Having said that, and I really do mean it, wow! Holidays--all of them--put a major dent in trying to make forward progress.

One of my family members suggested that I should just relax and go with the flow on holidays. "Since everyone you need to do something is not available during holidays, you should just kick back and wait till the holiday is over."

Sounds pretty enticing. But then I remember an old college professor I had. He was ancient, and brilliant on so many subjects, not just his field of expertise. I asked him how he had become so knowledgeable on so many things, and he said there were two keys to it. He said: 1. I go to school with everyone I talk with. I don't let them go until I know something I did not already know. 2. I work one hour longer than my competition. When their lights go out for the evening, mine still burns for another hour. So I learn every day, and I progress just a little further than my competition every day.

Smart guy. So, Happy Holidays, and I'll keep the light on for ya. Still pushing forward and I'll see ya when the party is over :)