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All Strings Attached

Music, only God knows the magic it holds as it enfolds every fibre of my being. Music that uncaps the limits of the imagination, that fills in the insufficient blanks of failing emotions. I always fall a willing lover to its charm for it releases my heart’s pulse and sparks the fireworks in nerve endings, a pleasure that stimulates my highest climax. Finding those melodies in my fingers as I caress the strings on my instrument knows no value. I am surrendered to this passion that overrules discretion for there is no prudence in pleasure. There is no sense in hiding, no excuse for inhibitions, for there are only you and me. So I open wide, spread my wings and let go as I fall carefree over the cliff and into its depth till bass lines bounce me back into the heights of melody and I extend in vibrato, suspended in fourth. Major Seventh holds the key to my heart, always augmented in superiority, gorgeous in glory. Every flat has to be diminished for I would rather be majored in a minor than wrapped in the boredom of the bar. Groove with me in subtle seduction of those deep lines, make it slow, let it breathe in space as we build up to the crescendo of satisfaction.

African Safari


Thank you so much for your support and interest in my music. I would like to invite you to come explore with me Africa, the land of my birth as I tour there in May. This will be the first time I perform there since 1999.... exciting!