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Location of The Tzora Folk Club

Please note that our favourite venue, The Tzora Folk Club, is NOT located in Ashkelon as shown on the map, but is at Kibbutz Tzora near Bet Shemesh. If you click on "Details" and then "Get directions" the correct location is shown.

We are here

Please note that IL = Israel NOT Illinois. Please do not send us invitations that would involve us driving across large bodies of water such as the Atlantic Ocean unless you're gonna supply the transport.

Tzora Folk Club 25th Anniversary

Had a great time at this event - we closed the performances with " Man of Constant Tzora" before the evening "evolved" into a jam session.

Tzora Folk Club's 25th. Anniversary

Canaan Country will be putting in an appearance at the Tzora Folk Club 25th. Anniversary .... especially as Judi 'n' Lynn are running it.

Canaan Country

Canaan Country are available for bookings performing their own blend of Country Music featuring close harmonies, acoustic accompaniment and featuring songs from various genres - "Bluegrass, Beatles, Ballads and Blues".