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The campaign continues

Ok. So me n Slim J.E.M. McGrim bout to take this movement across the waters to Kansas. Lets see if they can get wit it.


I been out there on the streets everyday promotin my music and meetin new ppl. Gettin venues, talkin to promoters, anything i can do to spread this Plan Z movement. I gotta drive that other niggaz aint got, and i jus dont understand why other artist, would perfer to stay in the same situation, which is jus thier local fanbase. You artist kno who im talkin bout. If you done pushed 30 albums done did a few gigs in the club got a few groupies, thats cool, but y are you still in the same position as when you first started rappin, or doin whateva you doin. Not acceptable. Stop slackin on yo mackin and get wit it. I havent pushed not one album yet but ive had and got enough material to do so but want to wait till the right moment. The moral of the story is.... You niggaz aint shit. Follow the Plan Z movement. Weak niggaz cant move wit it.

Plan Z Party

Alright, its gon down one more gin. Plan Z Party at Amnesia Too in Nov 17th in St. Joseph , Mo. Come kick it wit Slim Mcgrim and ya boi Xuede on the m.i.c. Guess staring Creepy recording artist Reyshon. 21 & older to get in. Id will b checked. 5 dolla admission to get in. 9pm b there.

Its Goin Down

Allready!!! Ya gotta come check out the Creepy Crew at the Long Branch Tavern in St. Joseph, Mo. After that, we in Maryville, Mo gettin at them Bearcat folks to show them what the deal is. U Allready kno where its goin main. DOWN...