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Vanity Theft: The Lost Tapes

For Vanity Theft, the year of 2011 was one filled with touring, traveling the country, making friends, making fans and making trouble. There were good times; there were bad times; and there were just some times that no adjective could describe. With camera in tow, Vanity Theft set out across the United States to capture all of these exciting moments, but then the unthinkable happened. Disaster struck in the form of an unfortunate Flip Cam accident and the VT camp thought all was lost. Things were looking grim, but, alas, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to a team of highly trained professionals, scientists and researchers; the footage was finally retrieved! Little did these footage-retrieving experts know, they had just unlocked the door to what would later become known as... THE LOST VT CHRONICLES. World? It is now time to unveil to you all of the wonderful, musical, magical, and utterly idiotic things we did throughout our touring adventures of 2011. We are ready. The real question is... Are you? http://youtu.be/DET33KUXpro

The 2011 Lady Killer Tour "Trailer"

Check out the “trailer” for the 2011 Lady Killer Tour here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDT7ymIm7UQ

Autostraddle features The Lady Killer Tour

Autostraddle just posted a feature about The Lady Killer Tour featuring Vanity Theft, along with Hunter Valentine & Sick of Sarah. Check it out here: http://www.autostraddle.com/sick-of-sarah-hunter-valentine-vanity-theft-the-lady-killer-tour-backstage-pass-103641/

"Trainwreck" Music Video

Click here to check out Vanity Theft’s new video for their song, “Trainwreck": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrNxjR_buwE

The Lady Killer Tour

Don’t miss The Lady Killer Tour this August and September, featuring Vanity Theft, Sick of Sarah and Hunter Valentine! Visit ladykillertour.com for more details and tour dates.

CHECK IT OUT: Feature on Oxygen!!

Check it out!! Vanity Theft is featured on Oxygen network's "Sounds Like Oxygen." Click here to check it out, watch the new music video for "Trainwreck" and get your free downloads: http://www.oxygen.com/soundslikeoxygen/

Vote For Us!

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Vanity Theft Remix Contest!

Check out Vanity Theft’s remix contest hosted by Laptop Rockers! Remix one of five songs from Vanity Theft (Trainwreck, Limb From Limb, Bit By Bit, Anatomy or Rattle Rattle) for a chance to win a full download version of Ableton Live 8 and D16 drum machine and effect downloads! You’ll also have the chance to have your remix featured on Vanity Theft’s remix album, coming out this summer. Click here for more details: http://www.laptoprockers.eu/remixcontest/vanity-theft-remix-contest/



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Tour Diary Vol. 4 – “DON’T EVER STAAAP”

Click here to check out Vanity Theft’s latest tour diary video – “DON’T EVER STAAP!”. New episodes posted every Monday and Friday.