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Thank you

I Appreciate all your comments and all our listeners and DJ's who play our music!! I would like to give thanks to both my bands "Mind Over Matter" and "Metasis" for their performance/input into the music you hear here!! I would also like to give thanks to all who support and made us #2, #15 and #312 in the Toronto's / Canada's / Global Rock Charts - A huge THANKS !! :)

Listen to recent upload

Feel free to leave your comments -- new song: "Keeper of the Light". -- Demo song only. We will be recording it in the studio

Longer song version

Added "Worst Enemy" put it up for all that want to listen -- tell me what u think of the longer version

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Tune in to listen to some great bands, and myself on air tomorrow between 1-4pm http://digitalrevolutionradio.com

Thanks for your support!!

**Just added the lyrics for songs: "Worst Enemy" and "Seekers of Misfortune"

Thank you...

Thank you to all who have helped make us #17 on the Reverb Local Charts!! Keep downloading, sharing our music as well as others music at Reverbnation! Keep on rocking -- All the best & Thanks again :)


Sorry for the delay on my replies!! I have been away and busy working on project! Slowly catching up:)

Shoulder injury

Next week we will return to the video shooting of, "Monkey Sees" again !! Can't wait - shoulder much better !


Music video going well, sure but slow because of the weather here - oh well life goes on in the fast lane !! Everyone is having fun : )

Lorrie Clark - Mind Over Matter CD available Now

Download Tempest Shines for free off the CD - Mind Over Matter... download the album via Lorrie Clark's store. Thank you (always) for your support : )


Thank you to all that applied to become extras in upcoming video shoot! I look forward to meeting some of you shortly : ) Your support is greatly appreciated !!!