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Kentwood Relay for Life

We can't wait to play at Kentwood Relay for Life benefit. The American Cancer Society does a great job putting on this event every year and we will be performing some new material along with our past favorites. Please join us June 6th at Falcon Stadium located on the East Kentwood High School campus. Show starts at 7:30 pm.

Dangerous Music

Not sure about having the guys playing in the same room during a chili cook off. As long as we keep them away from the samples we should be alright...

Getting Ready to Go

It's almost time to head down to the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel for the event...We are looking forward to a blessed time of music and song

New Show Added

Strike The Rock has added a show and will be performing at Jam' N Bean in Cascade Friday June 14 from 7 to 8:30pm.

Relay for Life Caledonia

Had a blast playing for the folks in Caledonia whose purpose is to defeat cancer. The weather people said it could not be done at the time of our choosing but they were over ridden by a higher power once again...;-)

Good Time at Holy Family

Lots of fun playing the Mardi Gras party at Holy Family in Sparta. Good crowd and good food...Thanks HF.

RIP Sugarfoot

God's blessings on your soul...

Martin UMC Rocks

What a great group they have in Martin. We always feel welcomed and always have a great time. One of our fav places to play...

Here We Go

It's going to be a good day today. We get to play our instruments loud...:-)

Happy 2013

STR hopes this is a blessed year for all our fans and undecideds...