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Left of the Dial / Blog

Left of the Dial Going "Off the Dial"

To all friends, fans and family of the band:

Sitting here just two weeks after the departure of our bassist and friend Cameron from the band, I'm trying to think of how exactly to put the rest of this into words. As I told you all when I announced his resignation, Patrick and I have been mulling over what to do next. This morning, the decision has been made final and I wanted to share it as soon as I was aware and could attempt to make sense of it all.

Losing Cam was a pretty big deal to us. We knew we couldn't replace him, and neither of us were particularly excited about trying to find "a bassist" who could somewhat-competently do even a fraction of what he could do. Plus, we struggled with whether to keep our band name and what direction to pick going forward musically. Patrick informed me that he is bowing out to not only take a break from the mindnumbingly tedious world of being in the music scene, but also to pursue some non-musical ventures and projects. Admittedly I had hoped he would stick around, even if we had to start anew, but I get where he's coming from, and just like with Cam, I think sometimes a person's just gotta' do what they feel is best for his/herself.

Patrick's combination of finesse, diversity and power on the drums was something I was incredibly impressed by from day-one, and I felt that combined with Cam's bass playing, there was no better rock-n-roll rhythm section within 200 miles, and I was exceedingly fortunate to get to play with them as a team. They made me play better. And I owe them a lifetime of gratitude, because they SAVED me. Thanks to them, I knew I was worth more artistically than just serving as a turd-polisher in a corny cover-band. I can never repay them for that. I will miss playing with them terribly, and my heart breaks a little as a result.

With my two bandmates both gone, I would not feel comfortable keeping Left of the Dial going as a band. I've said it in the past, and the same remains true today: when a band has lost all but one member, it is disrespectful and just plain cheesy to keep the name and rotate all members out. I have a little more pride as a person, and a ton more respect for what we accomplished here than to denigrate it in that way. So I am going to consider LOTD "archived". The THREE of us were Left of the Dial, and without them both, the band can no longer exist. I do this to honor our work and our friendship, and I will measure any future projects I am a part of by their standard.

And last but not least, thanks to all of you on here who have been most supportive of our band. Musicians often forget that if it weren't for the folks who listen to the songs, come out to the shows and genuinely care, their existence means nothing. I cannot afford the luxury of pretending that it's "all business" or that I don't need support when I play. Or maybe I'm just more honest than some. Either way, the support has been appreciated more than you can understand, and I hope to see you all wherever I end up next as an artist/musician.

Heath Lane


Left of the Dial

LOTD Says Farewell to Original Member

Hi fans and friends of Left of the Dial,

This announcement comes with great disappointment and heaviness of heart. Left of the Dial member Kelly Paluch is no longer with the band effective immediately due to some necessary changes to ensure the band's progress. The decision to restructure was necessary, as she struggled to fulfill her duties & responsibilities for the band, and she was overwhelmed with the expectations of her bandmates, failing to contribute and perform on the same level as the musicians she was working with. Our review (as well as by professionals in the industry whose opinions we value) of our rehearsal recordings showed virtually no improvements in her efforts and we could no longer justify the lineup as it was, so changes were imminent one way or another if we were to be able to start performing for you guys any time within the next year.

Of course she initially offered her undying support in our progress although that has evidently changed at some point (as evidenced by her disappearance and some of her friends having been obviously encouraged to unfriend/unlike our page--which we have taken in stride and handled much more diplomatically than originally intended, for now, provided the attacks and sabotage cease), but nevertheless we still support her new direction going forward and wish her the very best in finding a group that better suits her particular skill level, experience and unique personality. Please take a moment to wish her well here on the page, as I’m sure she would appreciate the support and encouragement in her next endeavor.

We are planning for the time being at least on remaining a trio (may consider an additional guitarist down the road if needed, and if we can find someone that jives well), and plan to begin bookings really soon. We will update the songs on the pages accordingly as well (since alternate lyrics have already been penned for the songs we are keeping in rotation, and anything's on the table since the actual songwriter is still in the group), so stay tuned, and let us know what you think! Looking forward to rocking your hearts out soon!


Josh R.
Josh R.  (over 3 years ago)

sometimes people just arent cut out for certain types of groups, glad you guys are pressing on despite the change!

Left of the Dial is official!

Welcome to our ReverbNation page, and thanks for listening, "Like"-ing and participating!

We're stoked to have this thing going now, and hope you will be too. In the coming few weeks we'll be buttoning up our demos, posting/uploading more material and HOPEFULLY filling our drummer position.

So take a listen to the stuff we've thrown together over the past few weeks, drop us a line, and please let your friends know about us. The way things are nowadays, us original artists need ALL the support we can get from music fans, and we love you for it!

Left of the Dial