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A Newbie Stumbling Through The Land Of Blogs!

This is my first blog ever...and here I sit...absolutely and completely blank. The daunting words "New Blog Entry" stare back at me from my computer screen, taunting me, daring me to do that which I know not how to do. I have always been a person with a lot to say, and no problem saying it...yet here I am...BLANK! It amazes me, the way in which new contexts or systems can stunt us; the ways in which the familiar can become absolutely unfamiliar, foreign in thought, though not in reality. Effective and engaging communication, a skill I have always prided myself in possessing, has suddenly become awkward and distant, forced and pressured...all because of the word BLOG. I hope that in the coming months, practice and comfort will allow the "Wall of Blankness" to be broken down; decorated with bright and vibrant graffiti full of rich and interesting ideas; dismantled brick by brick until the flow of creativity and unrestricted expression can be restored to it's pre-blog state! But until then...I will struggle with BLANK!!! :)

EyeSoul  (almost 5 years ago)

Haa.. I know exactly what you mean. I haven't exactly reached that "I can write whatever I feel at the moment" stage yet when it comes to "blogs". That word doesn't even sound attractive lol. blogs