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KIER / Blog

Writing the Song Angel

Whenever I write a new song i try to immerse myself into the story behind the lyrics. I often get lost in the emotional context of what I am singing and writing that it can be quite overwhelming. With Angel it is the lyrics about a guy who lost his one true love. The lover inside his soul refuses to let go, while the hate of lost in his mind keeps trying to take control. The lyrics "I promise to never grow old, but it seems I'm running out of time" is him battling with life coming closer to the realization that she is in fact truly gone. So in an effort to come to realization about whether she is really still here or in fact gone, he decides to share his story with the world and let them decide for him. All throughout the song he continues to believe she is real as the bond they shared was so powerful that he couldn't let go. Not to spoil it-but the next song "Dreams" expounds further on this song and highlights the decision he is finally faced with making. Whether to believe the world that she is in fact gone- or live in a dream where he believes she is as real the air he breathes. Stay Tuned for Dreams!

Night's Like This

This song does it to me each time I play it. Whether it be heartache, sadness, life in general, there are times when you sit and reflect upon that one person that you would have given it all to and now...well they are no more. It's lyrics are of past, present, and future. Take a listen, absorb, and reflect..Nights Like This....Kier

Reflection of "My Story"

The music of life makes us whole. Our experiences, those good and bad, makes for stories that should be and at times difficult to be told. Although we walk along paths where only us and the air we breathe are the in taker of the scene before you, it is well within us to make music that press against those boundaries in an effort create new paths that intersect with many genres of music. This is not only my story I speak of, but so many whose voice has gotten lost in translation and whose memories forgotten. This day, this time, marks the beginning of what is to come. You are the author of your own destiny...how will you shape it.