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"A Thousand Trees"

Last week I posted a new song called "A Thousand Trees". It's a story about a beautiful old tree grove and the amazing things the grove has witnessed over the years and years of growth. It's also about the beauty, power and resilience of Mother Nature. Growing up about an hour from the Giant Sequoias of the Sierra Nevada Mountains has always given me a special appreciation for amazing and ancient trees. Imagine the stories they could tell...

Unexpected things

A couple of weeks ago I managed to injure my hand, and I wasn't letting it rest enough. So, this past week I decided to lay off guitar/piano/recording to truly let it heal. Fortunately it's on the mend. Having this break gave me time to go through many, many hours of new music that I've been writing over the years, and I have discovered some interesting song ideas that I plan to finish up. If I hadn't had to rest my hand, I probably wouldn't have made the time to listen to all of my old recordings. Sometimes cool stuff happens when you least expect it.

Cozy Corner

"Life Was Simple" is a song inspired by my Dad who grew up in a small town in PA and loves to tell us stories about growing up there. They lived in an apartment building and the family nicknamed it Cozy Corner because it sat on a corner. This song is about how no matter what your circumstances are growing up, there is still a joy or nostalgia that can be found in the simple things of being a kid. Hope you like it!

Manic Monday

After a weekend off, I am back in the studio. Having a hard time deciding what to record today, but think I will try "Don't Let 'Em See You Cry" Tricky guitar line, but we shall see! Hopefully it will be up by the end of the day...

Thanks, new Fans!

Hi All, Thanks all to all the new fans!! I'm going through and fanning back, but I admit it's going slowly. There are SO many great artists out there! I love the variety---I've heard an awesome drummer, fantastic tenor sax dude, great singers, and great bands! Fun...


Well, I signed up for Facebook...yes I was not on FB....until today! (well, actually I had a page once for like one week and then I canceled it.) So, now I can put music there, too...I think! Still figuring it all out.

Recorded "This Time"

I basically recording and mixed "This Time" in one long day's session. It has several tracks that include keys, guitar, vocals. The lead vocal line is one take with no cuts/edits (except the very last line which I recorded on a second track and of course harmonies/ad libs have their own tracks.) The challenge for me is finding the right output volume so that the sound is picked up, I'd like it to be a little stronger. Really, though, I'm doing the best I can for figuring this out as I go along!

Day One

Well this is the first day that my songs are officially posted on the web (technically I think there are a couple of youtubes of my songs out there) but as I embark on my recording project I will gradually be adding more and more music to this site, as well as to my personal site, marshabolton.com, which is still currently under construction. I have been writing songs for many many years, and I'm glad to finally be setting them free. This past year has been a great period of creativity as well as lots of performance experience for me. Hopefully this is only the beginning! Thanks so much for listening!