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Cryin' Out Loud

Simple concept that is much needed. Enter His gates with thanksgiving and enter His courts with praise but don't stop there! With every need, every ache, every tear, every joy, everything there is a need to speak it out to the Heavenly Father who is so anxiously waiting to listen and respond to our every prayer. When you pray out loud you hear yourself, you recognize and define the need and you allow your mind the opportunity to realize the answer when it comes! All the more joy wells up inside of you as you give praise back to the Lord and cry out in thanksgiving after you have prayed.

Before, during, after every need - Cry OUT!


Just as the seasons change and give us sunshine on the leaves instead of the sky, so my little life is changing for the better. The definition of morphing is to smoothly transition from one thing to another. I'd say I'm working on it but as of yet it's like the music industry! Always changing!

But let me encourage you, one thing will never change. The King of kings, Jesus, is full of comfort and love for you to rest easy in His arms amidst any change.

As the rain falls, let his peace fall on you in refreshment. Maybe even turn on a soft song He's given to me to share with you...

Enjoy it. Just be.