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WZZO's Artist of the Week!

-Thanks for the support Jain @ WZZO- DEVISE "Jain Jain Hellll YEAH! This week Devise is WZZO's Valley Local Band Spotlight! We'll be playing cuts of their songs on the air EVERY DAY, allll week long AND on iheartradio! Check 'em out and support LOCAL MUSIC!! xoxo Jain"

DEVISE is 93.3 WMMR Artist of the month!

Friends! DEVISE been named 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia's artist of the month for February!!! Tune in today during WMMR's Jaxon show from 3-7 for the announcement!! They'll be playing 2 brand new songs from our upcoming EP every week!! We'll let you know when it'll be played so you can't miss it!! We are very excited for the opportunity!! Rock on!!!

But wait there's more!!!....

Want to hear a rough mix of one of the newest tracks we recorded @ Architekt Music w/ Morgan Rose( Sevendust) producing! CLICK THE LINK TO LISTEN TO "Days of Grey"


Halfway home...

hey gang!!! Wanted to post a quick update about where we are at the moment with everything. As a band, we want to try and stay connected with you, the fans, and keep you as informed as possible, as we feel youre right there with us.

We head back up to Architekt with Morgan Rose to finish up the last of the recording for the EP. I have to tell you, this thing is really gonna blow you guys/gals away. we're pouring our hearts and souls into this, and it really shows thru.

This time, we head back in also with our brother in tow, Adam Daniel. We CAN NOT wait to get his style and influence meshed into these tunes. sorry, we're a little excited hahaha!!!

Stay tuned for MANY BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS in the upcoming weeks/months. Things are moving EXTREMELY fast for this band, and things are going to be booming very soon.

Also lastly, if you've donated to or even just re-posted links to our Indiegogo fundraiser campain, THANK YOU. Seriously, from all of us. Less than 30 days left, and a ways to go, but we know we'll get there because of you.

Stay safe kids, we'll see you soon.


Video/Audio clips of "The Plan" learn how to help on Indiegogo!

Hey gang!! Well, might as well get started right away on the 1st day of the new year, right?!?!

Got some news...As you know, we are in the studio recording our EP with Morgan from Sevendust. It's been an amazing experience so far. The buzz about this band is growing just with us in the studio. That buzz has already begun to reach the labels, and they are very interested.

We have started an Indiegogo fundraiser page to raise the funds for the completion of the album. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We have come up with some KILLER gifts as thank you'd for whatever size donation you can make, from t-shirts and posters, appearances in our upcoming video, signed drum heads by us and Morgan Rose, to even having us play a set at a party in your living room!! Fo real!! Lol

Anyway, we are asking for your help and continued support as we try and make this our year to remember. We have never been this close to making it happen, we just need some help to get this baby rolling...


Check it out to find a video of some of our time at the studio spliced with some "sneak peek"s of the music we are working on. We love you all!!!!!!

Adam Daniel Joins DEVISE on Guitar!

We are proud and excited to announce that our brother, Adam Daniel, is joining the Devise lineup on guitar. We are more than thrilled to welcome him into the fold. Follow him on twitter @adamxiii and go make him feel welcome!!!!


Saturday February 23rd 2013. Philadelphia, PA. The legendary Dobbs on South St.

Devise makes it's Philly debut headlining LIVE!!!!!

Gonna be N-U-T-S people!!!

Recording a EP with MORGAN ROSE as co-producer!!

We are very proud to announce that next Wednesday we will be heading up to Architekt Music Studios to record our new EP "The Plan" which will be co-produced by the one and only MORGAN ROSE (SEVENDUST, Call Me No One) We can not thank those enough that have helped us along this journey and the fans that have jumped aboard so quickly! We promise to deliver you guys one of the baddest Rock Records you have ever heard!! Stay tuned for constant updates/video logs over the next couple weeks!

All work and no play makes Jack a Horny boy

Writing, writing and more writing! Thats what we have been doing. Holding up the past few week @ RedTree Studios in Atco, NJ. The guys have been dishing out riffs and Melodys piecing together the perfect formula of songs. Still lots to do in the writing department but this weekend we head to Concord Studios to start sharpening sre live act and take the volume up to 11. So stick around for more updates, video logs, new promo pictures and some future show debut dates! BAM!

New Beginnings...

So here we are.

Welcome everyone and thank you for checking us out from the bottom of our collective hearts. Many things are happening for us right now, each and everyone just as exciting as the other.

If you were a fan of The Element of Noosephere, we are excited that you have followed us into our new project. We are all still very close with all former members of those bands, as we will always be family. But as you all know, life moves on, things change, and so do we. We hope to make this experience as fulfilling for everyone as we envision it becoming.

You'll be hearing from us a lot, as we plan on keeping everyone as informed as possible throughout the recording of our new EP "The Plan", via pics, vids and music, etc.

Please help us get the word out about our band if you like us. Tell a friend. Tell a stranger. Tell anyone who will listen.

The Plan is in motion.