Crazy Late with Johnny Millwater

We in Junque Gallery are happy to announce our new role as house band for Crazy Late with Johnny Millwater.We also are in pre production for our Sophmore DvD taping.due to take place in late December.We in Junque Gallery cant wait to bring our Junque music for all to enjoy!

Welcome to Junque Gallery

Thank you for your intestest in our music. We are in the process of getting our band back together with an eye on touring and promoting our 3 CDs. If you would like to join our Street Team, we would love to have you working with us to promote our sound. If you have any suggestions of venues where we can perform our unique Junque music, please let us know and talk us up to the venue as well. We are looking forward to meeting out fans in person and to sharing the heart and soul of our music with you.