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On the road again!

We're hitting the road again. We'll be testing out some more new tunes that we've written this winter. REALLY HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!!! (but if you can't make it please tell some friends)

APRIL 11 Ort Cafe, Birmingham 12 Hackforth Village Hall, North Yorkshire 13 Musicport The Shop, Whitby 17 Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham 18 Jam Cafe, Nottingham 19 House Concert, Exeter 22 The Green Note, London 24 Taylor Johns House, Coventry 25 David Murphys, Stourbridge 26 House Concert, Driffield 27 Ropery Hall, Barton-Upon-Humber

Competition Time!

As you know or may not know (see shows section) we have a tour coming up in September and along with making some new songs we are also making some new t-shirts. Only thing is we cant decide which colour or which size to choose! So get your thinking caps on and let us know on here or by email at info@odimusic.co.uk what your preferences are. All suggestions will be put into a draw to win our first ever t-shirt so get cracking!

The Olympics challenge - we need your help!!‏‏

Hello everyone!

Hope you're managing to have some kind of summer wherever you are. Happy to report the Sun is shinning here in sunny wexico, oh, hang on, its gone, no, its back again, actually no, its definitely gone this time. Oh well, there's not much we can do about the weather but we can still have a good summer, right!? So with our pink (mine) and polka dot (Dave's) wellies in one hand and a hopelessly positive attitude in the other we're off to try and blag a spot at The Olympics. Unfortunately the egg and spoon race didn't quite make the events list this year (otherwise we'd be in the middle of heavy egg-lift training right now) but as luck would have it they are looking for eager musicians to entertain the massive crowds. Not as exciting you might say, as spoon racing, but one must make the best with what one's given in these uncertain times!

So in order to qualify for this event, the powers that be (i.e Emerging Icons) have asked us to gather a number of followers, well, 50 to be exact and this is where we need your help!

It's very simple and quick to do and we need 32 more ‘stars’ before Sunday (1st July) to seal the deal! So PLEASE take 5 mins to help us musical, wannabe, not so fit, Olympians out! X

Go to our unsigned band review profile:

Emerging Icons Page below: http://www.emergingicons.com/279/ODi

Click on the big ‘star’ (below the photo) and you will then have to quickly sign up as a member for your ‘fan like’ or 'star' to count. Thats it! Easy peasy.

On other exciting news, we're heading over to the USA in late October to check out the South East Coast. More details coming on that very soon!

Till then, mind yourselves and do say hello if you read this, it's good to talk!! ;)

Muchos thank yous,

Odi x

Mick Flannery Supports // SHOP! // All that she wants is another....

A big hello from the ODi camp where anti-histamine is our drug of choice! Rock n Roll!

A few bits and bobs to bring you up to date on...


We have the pleasure of opening for Mick Flannery http://www.myspace.com/mickflannery on a couple of his Irish summer dates.

Sat 4th July : The Spirit Store Dundalk SOLD OUT Sun 2nd August : The Grand Hotel Tramore

Lots more live dates in the build up to the album release coming soon


You can now visit the ODi Shop widget on our myspace page http://www.myspace.com/odimusic and purchase CDs of ODi releases. Its powered by paypal! Go have a gander!

All THAT SHE WANTS.... is another website!

After getting our website ship shape and Bristol fashoin it disappeared into the ether last week!!

It appears that our Swedish friends...or not, MUBITO (our website template providers) went bust and neglected to tell any of its customers!

We are almost as disgruntled as ACE of BASE who also used the same company and have thrown a massive benny! We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Scandinavian popsters.

So Apologies for this! http://www.odimusic.co.uk brings you to the MySpace page for the mo where you can keep up to date!

Anybody know a good website designer???......

Off to continue our War on Pollen!...