Debbie DeVore / Blog

Written by Elaine Hertweck (MERF)

I walk into the room. You hear sounds of people laughing, talking, and mingling with each other. Everyone is happy; drinking, socializing with friends they haven’t seen in a while and those new acquaintances they hope to see again. A few odd sorts sit on their own, taking in the ambiance of the room, sipping their cocktail, waiting. The atmosphere is intoxicating, overwhelming my soul as I prepare to drink in the sounds that will move even the worst cynic.

Time is called; 4 girls and a guy with sticks take over. Most Wanted.

Debbie grabs her guitar and hugs it to her body like her long, lost love. She touches the strings, stroking, strumming, and listening. Angie awakens from her slumber, finds her place in front of the keys and begins to bounce up and down. Sue, meek and mild, gets in there, standing, ready, waiting for everyone. Craig slides into his seat, picks up his sticks and watches; anticipation sets in. Most Wanted

The music begins, the sweet sound of Cheryl will take you to a place you’ve never been. Such a powerful set of pipes you’ve never heard! She can take a tune and call it her own, one of the most talented ladies in this region. Most Wanted

Everyone is on their game tonight, making each other sound even better than before. The rush of adrenaline overtakes you as your body begins to jump, wanting to hop up and shake that ass. Cheryl serenades you, pulling you in, making you feel as if you are the only one she is singing for.

If you haven’t had the pleasure, you are missing out on life. Most Wanted