politically speaking

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Political thought Current mood: contemplative

I am a lyrical genius and I know this when it comes to words what can i say I just write that way...

The question should we be at war let's ask that a little more and are we fighting who we should is the current economy good

I have been called insurgent but somethings seem urgent 2042 our market crashes it's been said that inaugural address is in my head

I am an American citizen As are my kids That makes it my biz And in America speech has no lids Now I'd be pleased to take bids

call this poem a lament I am what i am meant imma wee bit bent cause of the storms god's sent

onward with life i say At least i am moving, that way And life has a way of being okay every one has wounds to splay

wrote a random masturbation blog I am an attention HOG I feel it changes nothing somehow Now,Now! "Don't have a cow"

why I open topics and why you can't stop it Because I am an American It is all said therein

Read up on inherent rights or the immunity clauses that will give you pauses with the spontanious thought it causes

I am very political so I am politician critical possibly cause i am not one and could be to previous indiscretions

Plus I am backing masturbation openly I even recommend it highly left wing Christian groups are aligning to see me flogged and in their hell I am logged

Political Insanity insane constantly causing pain what do we stand to gain and what's our ultimate aim


I am who i am can't change it now It was meant to be I'm just me as you are just you what can you do live life best you can tell ya here what i've learned find peace when it can be found fight to stay off the ground get up when you fall try your best to stand tall life is so short no matter how long at sometime everybodies wrong let go move on doesn't mean the feelings are gone just means it's not meant take what gods sent and walk on your way take life day to day do what you love and you'll love what you do do what you hate and what you hate will do you Copyright © 2007 Smicki Susan Cook™