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10/31 at the arch

realize what you have

If you have to use words like requisition at the place you work then you probably have a pretty good job. yeah, I have a pretty good job. Downside I dont always have time to make music, so if sum songs seem a little rushed its cuz they are. There is just not enough time in a day. Up side good job great family.

Worst Pain ever

Ok, so yesterday i was sitting at the computer, uploading some pictures and music to my reverbnation account. I had been on the computer for a while,so I figured I should take a break. So I sit upright (because I'm kind of hunched over a little while i work at the pc.). Ok so i sit up, stretch my arms,legs,and back, as I turn around to go get a drink of water, I hear what sounds like,a hammer hitting a anvil, followed by like, a five second rumble. A rumble like... If you could muffle thunder with a pillow, yeah, like that, and that was followed by what I can only describe as a numbness in my toe. I'd hit my toe on the wrought iron chair leg, hard enough to send the chair sliding across the floor! Anyway, it didn't hurt that bad, right, so I figured I'd just walk it off. Then, I took a step... Fiery pain shot through my toe like... like,... like fire shooting through a toe. I don't remember much about what happened immediately after that, or exactly how I ended up on the floor, I just know that's where my wife and kids found me. Writhing in pain on the living room floor.

The blood! So much blood everywhere! Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but there was blood coming from under my pinky toe, and it was MY blood, so yeah. Everybody was frantic. Seriously. My kids were crying, my wife was being all "extraed out"so we went to the E.R,they gave me a band aid and some pain pills......Worst Pain EVER....Ripped my toe nail half way off.