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Recording soon!

I'll soon be at Bieler Bros Records in Pompano Beach, Florida to record a new song for you. Getting hyped!!! Are you?

Dearest Creepers,

I"ve concluded my "Justin Hollywood, Acoustic and Creepless" E.P. I'll be posting a track every 3 days before leaving the one track ya'll dig the most. The E.P. will be available for only a short time during my performances at the Nashville Independent Music Festival. $3 for 3 songs and thats it. Paypal is totally cool just shoot me a private FaceBook message and the acoustic jams are yours. After the festival however you'll have to wait for the DEVIL IN HOLLYOOD TRILOGY FULL INSTRUMENTAL E.P.! GET HYPED!!!!! 3jxh

Back in the day....

Dearest reader, i wrote a song about september 11th. Some how it ended up online...i was 14 when it was recorded. Disregard the total lameness aand get down with the future. Its friday boys and girls and that means studio time. I will have three acoustic tracks available for free streaming and downloading.


It's almost time to head back into the studio! Tomorrow I will start recording my first ever solo acoustic EP. Stay tuned for some music that will touch you in a way that you never knew music could!

The Begining

I head to the west to demo some acoustic versions of songs that will be released in full instrumentation when your ears are ready for them.Get back to me when you're ready for some sexy time.