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Things are a changing

Hi ya'll things are changing, I am trying to put things in a little more focus, its difficult with all the distortion in my brain but I am trying and I cant seem to find my losmouytrshagger but I know its my own dame fault any what this the Wicced One, the Work Horse of Rock -n- Roll Peace Luv and Rawk -n- Roll Wicced Sarah

Going Ons

The computer I use for recording crashed and burned while I was in the middle of recording, so the new album is on temp hold, I have been using a friends laptop to conduct business but I won't have another computer for recording until next month. Peace Love and Rock -n- Roll Sarah

Thank You

I want to thank everybody that has become a fan, there is a new album in the works and new site on the way, so tell your friends Peace Love and Rock -n- Roll Sarah