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Change Begins With Us.

It's kind of funny, but for years, I would sit around with my friends and complain about how much music has changed. We would turn on the radio, or jump on YouTube and listen to what the youth of today are getting to hear and literally cringe.

For us, it just seems like a great deal of the musicality of yesteryear has left mainstream entertainment. Don't get me wrong, I love Fruity Loops for what it can do, but at the same time it has also seemingly helped create a generation of producers who believe that making music is as easy as simply clicking on some nodes on the screen and having samples sound according to how many of them are lit up in a given bar. This created such a vacuum for our youth where many of them are no longer being exposed to jazz, blues, classical, and other genres that those of us over 30 literally grew up being fed a daily diet of through our favorite kid shows.

Jump on YouTube and watch an episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and realize the level of musicianship that many of us were being exposed to as kids. And then pull up Hip Hop Harry and see what children are hearing now.

One day in the midst of complaining about this with a group of friends, God convicted me and asked "What are you doing to change this?" That was the day when the idea for FHG begin growing.

The reality is that God has given all of us specific talents that are to be used to answer specific problems in the world. And instead of sitting around and complaining about the things that are wrong, I encourage you to begin looking inside yourself for solutions and then have the faith to act on that. Truthfully, change really does begin with us.