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Palestra.net interview and live performance

///back on the morning of October 20th on our way to Cleveland, OH we stopped in Columbus, OH to film a live performance and interview with Palestra.net at 1305 Studios... they posted it in three separate videos and we thought it would be fun to share them with y'all... we played DeTamble Wings, Pancakes and Geology and discussed the tunes and several other hot topics... check out what came of it. thanks to Brian Phillips and the Palestra and 1305 Studio crews for having us and taking such good care of us... not sure we could've rocked before noon otherwise!! it was a lot of fun...

Part 1. DeTamble Wings http://palestra.net/music/videos/19683

Part 2. Pancakes http://palestra.net/music/videos/19687

Part 3. Geology http://palestra.net/music/videos/19691