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new album

New album " One foot in the grave" is complete! just needs to be mixed and mastered. Which it will august 16th! Stay tuned!


Shirts are now avalible for your purchase!

T shirt arrival

T shirts will be arriving soon for all you crippled bastards!


Tommorrow night at broadway joes We and many others will be tearing it up! So come out and get a chance to meet Playboy Playmate Angelina Leigh! Its only 5 bucks!

First show of 2013!

Friday January 25th at broadway joes! Our first show of 2013! Bands include Where she wept, Theatre Nocturne and Jeckyll and Hyde(first show). This will be kick ass! Dont miss it!

Shirts avalible soon!

Within the next couple weeks we will have shirts for you die hard fans! They will definately be sexy!

Two Shows This Saturday!

We are playing a show at the Moose Lodge in North Tonawanda for 8$(admission money goes to the hurricane sandy effort) and then one later that night at the Niagara Hotel 4 FREE! Please be a good American and go see Crippled Mess!