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Sentry's of the Heart

Leaning in I heard the whisper, but it took a while to translate the sound from a whir to a word. Once it did it pounded in my very being, causing me to reach out and grasp at, well, at what? Nothing seemed to be there and yet I felt the need to grasp, to hold on, to fight. Was this fight for me? No! This was for those who had come to listen, to take part, to be touched in song by hope and pain and laughter and wonder. As we wield this sword of music we become sentry's of the heart, bearers of ideas and ideals and art that lives and breathes in the souls of our hearers and partakers. If you have the password you may enter, and the password is "Sing me a song to live by" In my best air of nobility I will play for you, and together we shall be whole. Come in!

Cooking up food and energy!

In my desire to be even more naturally energetic and free to perform for you all I have gone back to a more vegan diet. I used to feel lighter, (um, I was lighter), and more energetic when I was doing this.

This means I cook a lot and enjoy a lot of fresh foods. I also burn and cut my fingers which makes it interesting for playing guitar, but man the food is good and tasty and hopefully will allow me to be making noise for years.

Do you have any facvorite recipes? What do you like to eat? I miss my pizza and burgers but not as much as I wanna be fit and singing my heart out on stages for and with you all.

Maybe some of you can let me know when you are enjoying one of those things and I will enjoy it by proxy!.

Reverb Nation

After being involved in many forms of "getting the music out" it is my pleasure to announce that I now have a space on Reverbnation. It should be a great place to send folks to hear the music, especially with up to four recording projects being completed in 2013. Come join the fun and say hey when you get to a concert!