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Portland Psych Fest!

What started as an idea some years ago has now come to life. Enjoy a night out with some of Portland's grooviest bands and most beautiful people, at 'A Beautiful Thing: Portland Happening and Psych Fest'.

The doors open at 8pm and music will start at 9pm. THE SELLWOODS, The Verner Pantons, The Dandelyons, The Pynnacles, and The Mirrors will be providing the soundtrack for the evening, enhanced with a psychedelic lightshow by Trey Schultz. We are all really excited for this and cannot wait to make it a night to remember! Please show up and just be yourself, positivity and friendship is a must. Come make this event something to remember and help to make it a success so we can continue this experience year after year...

Here's the official event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1427039170901081/

And you can snag your tix here: http://ticketswest.com/events/portland-psych-fest/31803/

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