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Human beings crave wholeheartedness. It is a desire built into us from the dawn of time itself by our Creator, and I've been feeling its pull harder than ever lately. I long to put everything I have into one pursuit, and one track in life. Obviously my number one pursuit is God, but the passion that He has put inside of me for music is what I am referring to now. It seems as if there are 100 voices calling my name--telling me to "do this!" or "do that!" but none feel right, and none hold the peace I desire. I've been asking the Lord what He wants from me in this season, and up until a week ago, He told me to simply "Rest." But then one day, He said, "I want you to do music." You can imagine my confusion, for I thought I was already doing that. I've been writing songs, recording rough drafts to prepare for an eventual legit EP, and playing with friends. But of course that is not what He meant... What He truly wants from me is a steady heart, confident in what He has called me into, rooted and grounded in love. He desires the music I make to be sacred--not to be taken casually or as a form of entertainment or popularity. He wants the voice from my soul. How do I do this? What does it look like? How will I pay the rent? Do people even listen to my music anyway? Good questions. I don't know, but God will continue in faithfulness, caring for me and being the Perfect Teacher. =]

New Beginnings

Hello all! This is the beginning of what hopefully will become an actual lifetime of sharing the creativity that comes from my heart. We'll see where it goes! I love adventure, and there is always a first time for everything. Thus, I figured I would finally take the step of faith and create a band-page for myself!