Beta Ray had answered a Craigslist ad for bands to unite to support the freedom of Marissa Alexander, who was convicted of possessing a firearm, releasing a shot into the air as protection from her abusive husband.

The venue for this benefit was at Sub-Mission in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District. This place is in between a Mexican restaurant and a modern gourmet/Spanish seafood restaurant (awesome grub!).

We had met the organizer who was also one of the live performers in music. Her name is Michelle and her group consist of a keyboard/synthesizer player and herself on vocals only. Old school synthesizer sounds mixed with retro-New Wave/Electro-dance with casting vocals. There was a female vocalist singing acapella and her voice was amazing! A number of women used the microphone as an opportunity to share their personal experiences with physical violence, drugs and emotional despair because of negative relationships. Very moving at times.

The art created and on display by children and female inmates was deeply sad and encouraging too. There was a table cloth made by many of the inmates notes and messages of life's challenges.

We were the only full band to perform, and it was our second gig (technically) but our first to be prepared. Our set was 30 minutes and the lineup was not classic forming yet. By the way there was appetizers (the biggest bowl of tasty salsa EVER with chips, veggies, crackers, cheese and pizza) and a bar too. A friend of one of the members in Beta Ray provided spinning vinyl for background music because the organizer had advertised for a DJ in the two weeks before the gig. His name is Will and he kicks ass with old school soul, funk and hip-hop/rap! But he can spin anything too.

It was hot on stage playing but it felt great too! We had hired a professional photographer to shoot live shots of us for online promotion and advertising. Her name is Mariana and she had arrived after shooting at Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park (annual live music event involving major and indy entertainment). She was cool to meet and get to know. Her pics were of us rocking out and looking PRO at the same time. The end result of a good eye in photography.

We had stayed until it had ended and than packed up. One of our cars to haul gear was packed and only enough space for two in the front, so Lightening (Al) rode to be dropped off with his equipment and than MIG returned to pick up his sister and wife who were not feeling safe to wait but had too.

The reason MIG's wife and sister were not able to be driven first was he didn't know they were taking public transportation. So, he was left with the task after the other guys took off to take Lightening first since he lived in San Francisco to free up space for them later.

A great feeling overall of playing our first show (technically)!


See ya from Beta Ray-ah.


There was a Craigslist ad in December of 2012, and it read of calling for bands to submit their music to a new online radio program called Mutiny Radio.

Our music was accepted in January of 2013, and added to a show called Bughouse Square w/ DJ Sean Martin in February.

Sean had contacted us, and shared a link to hear our music on his show. The first song he had played was "Whole", and it was awesome to hear the introduction of our band before hitting "play!"

Sean had set up our song to be grouped with historic acts like The Who, David Bowie as well as local acts like Lambda and Wesley Woo among others of both.

Our music was played a couple of more times (so far) with "Pick Up" in February and "Know Me" in June, after a classic cut by The Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You" (love that song!).

For us as a band the opportunities in 2013 have been very cool, and we are grateful and appreciate any and all of it too. If you want to check out Mutiny Radio and especially Bughouse Square w/ Sean Martin, go to www.pcrcollective.org

Please support this station because they are providing a great outlet of established and unknown local talent in San Francisco, and Sean Martin kicks ass to Bug you in your House with a perfect square of music and talk radio.


BETA RAY meets Warner Bros. Music

It was last night, Oct. 19th, MIG of Beta Ray was in San Francisco to attend a music showcase at the Hard Rock Cafe at Pier 39.

This showcase was presented by two companies called iSHOWCASE and King Ryan Events Inc. The live music was of multiple bands from the Bay Area to be competing against one another. There was an announcing host to introduce each band and to provide intermission when possible.

MIG of Beta Ray arrived at 10pm with a CD, business card and plenty of interest to know by experiencing of what this event is about. He had been in contact with the promoter, Joe, ahead of time (via-email), who had shared with him to bring a press kit for a Warner Bros. Music A&R by the name of Kay Gaynor.

Well, he had approached the entrance to the Hard Rock Cafe and met with the promoter, Joe, and he was very cool to meet in person and to rap with for a bit.

MIG had asked of him the process of submitting our press kit, and he had said the host will provide an announcement in an hour or so. Well, he had not eaten dinner (long story), so he ate at this other place because Hard Rock Cafe was PACKED with people and there was not one empty table to swoop on!

He had a turkey burger and fries, and than headed back in enough time to hopefully have a table to sit down at. Well, he had lucked out with a table so he could check out the live music. There was one band to catch his eye and they had a good set of music! The singer was soulful and she moved well with a strong presence, and members seem to be veterans of talent, skill and performance.

At about 11:45pm the host made an announcement to call King Ryan of King Ryan Production Inc to the stage. King Ryan had said in the microphone of basically the concept and reason for the showcase. Than, King announced of a Warner Bros. Music A&R by the name of Roderick Scott to step up onto the stage.

At this point there was a Q&A with Roderick from King about some of the bands Warner Bros. Music represents, such as MUSE and Red Hot Chili Peppers. He was asked of what type of bands or music Warner Bros. is discovering or to discover and his thoughts of the showcase that night.

Well, after Roderick stepped off stage and walked back to his table, MIG took the opportunity to introduce himself and submit Beta Ray's press kit. He was very cool to spend some time in talking with him. He had asked questions of our band and MIG did his best to answer them with enthusiasm and sincerity. He was taking notes of some of MIG's answers, and said he will listen to our music and share some points of interest.

So, I don't know if he will contact us directly or at all but at least our music is in his hands now. After meeting with Roderick, MIG had said his goodbyes to Joe, and he had said with confidence of staying in touch and performing the next showcase. Only time will tell.