I Ship "YOUNG GOD / Blog

I'm snoking

Chilling seen mi drop to ten but it's cool. I i I know. They see ah real rebel head to the top they try to knock u down cause mi not promote ah batting ting u si mi si mi mek new track for di critics n critters Dat have no mental only rolling momentum beta get yo mind fight I dnt talk

me time

I do this for fun

I ship never slip

In da studio on a rainy day Ina space Meditate No e speculate Me n Tay Capardray Part n mi new en tri with no words to say Good day

I ship

NEW NAME ISHIP Young God came by a ship leave by I ship lets unite and take over Black man Black women Of North America know ur self

follow trend

Every body follow every body wanna be somebody no body wanna be self bomb dem!!

360 degrees

Grown God

Knowledge Wisdom Overstanding

All praises due to the Creator for surpreme wisdom

what goes up shall surely go down

Not read they bible they not meditate Some say dem a Rasta but dem to deceiven, nuff of dem make a mockery out they faith


Just another day with Oppression, Inflation, and distress, Lead us in the path of Right


Determine on Elevating making elevator music