Sometimes Life Hits You In The Junk And You Gotta Get Up Again LOL! Humans And Their Speeches! Anyways... Workin On More Tunes Soon! Hey That Rhymes WORD!


RINGWERM and Krilllpollen Ltd. Records Present "CALAN GAEAF'S HOLY EVENING" an album entirely inspired by Halloween. Intended to accompany your traditional halloween music that you may play in a haunted house or perhaps you can play it all by itself to scare the pants off of trick-or-treaters. Note: RINGWERM & KPLR are not responsible for any kidz loosing their britches are craping themselves so don't bother us with your non-sense. We hope this music tortures you in your sleep as the forbodeing sounds hynotise your paranoid minds. Don't be scared it's only the scariest shit you have ever heard. STOP crying little girl or the wolfman is going to scratch your eyeballz out. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH HOOOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO! HAPPY HALLOWEENIE!

Non-stop new albums!!!

Just posted a new RINGWERM cartoon for our song "Beeffish" from our album "Toilet Paper Bunny Gummer". Also posted a new collab album feat. Porcu Beaver, called "BeaverWerm, Porcuringz for Ur BP". Next month will be working on a few more projects too, stay tuned!

New Albums

Of course, RINGWERM is ALWAYS working on new material, got the Lava Piranha joint and The BeaverWerm joint in the works will be done by August 2013!

The Smell Of Cat's Sup Is Out!

An eclectic conglomeration of songs and sounds spanning some time. If you are a fan of RINGWERM this is a must have. 25 new songs for you to absorb and learn from. Out now on Krillllpollen Ltd. Records Here is the link to Stream: http://www.reverbnation.com/ringwerm/album/37129-ringwerm-the-smell-of-cats-sup Here is the link To Purchase: http://www.reverbnation.com/store/view_item_album/artist_2824609?item_id=1819004#


http://www.reverbnation.com/ringwerm/album/36342-ringwerm-illuminatibirthpussyhoof Here is a happy 4th of July present from RINGWERM. We are offering you the opportunity to download the entire album free just follow the link and click the blue download button for each track individually. Or you can be a party pooper and pay $3.99 for the exact same thin lol. It's our way of say thank you RINGWERMZ Don't just thank RINGWERM be sure to thank Krillllpollen Ltd. Records Our Awesome Label since 1995. RINGWERM was founded in 1984 stay tuned for historic and revealing interviews that will blow your mind. For now enjoy this free album. You can also stream it but why not Download it for Free yo. ENJOY AND THANK YOU!


This is like there 5th album released in the month of June 2013...that's like a world record....lol...Anyways NEW ALBUM OUT NOW ON KPLR: RINGWERM - THE DIAMOND E.P. An Acoustic/Vocal Only E.P. featuring a collection of great songs from Syd Barrett (Founder of Pink Floyd)...Syd Barrett is one of RINGWERM'S #1 Influences So we hope you enjoy listening to this E.P. as much as we did making it. http://www.reverbnation.com/ringwerm/album/36051-ringwerm-the-diamond-ep

*Also be sure to check out RINGWERM & MURGATROID - Seahorse Turnstyle Out Now on KPLR as well. All releases available for purchase in our RN Store. Stop By. Remember Streaming is free and there are two free Downloads with this new album.

10 New Videos Added To theringwermchannel

http://www.youtube.com/user/theringwermchannel 10 New Videos Uploaded to the ringwerm channel on YouTube. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE! Much Love to all our Fanz and Friendz


RINGWERM have done it again this time they have collaborated with Murgatroid The Master Experimental / Avant Garde / Experimental Guitar hero of RINGWERM from the depths of City: Salt Spring Island, BC, CA...so your getting a little bit of lakeland USA and some of the BC CA love through this amazing collaboration ft. 13 New songs that will be sure to knock you sock off along with your pants for a good party of sonic experimentation and the serenityy of epic modular surrenders. We Bring To You Out Now ON KPLR...RINGWERM & MURGATROID: SEAHORSE TURNSTYLE.....13 Songs available for streaming and mp3 Download including two tracks that are absolutely Free. You can own this epic journey in music and have it at home right in your boombox just click the buy link or go to our store. Here is a free streaming link to the New Album. Enjoy! Be sure to check out RINGWERM'Z Latest Hit Single which is also another Collaboration but this Time With The Legendary LAVA PIRANHA....Watch as we infect. Watch and Listen As we Own REVERBNATION!.....RN WHERE's R CHECK BITCHES! Stream: http://www.reverbnation.com/ringwerm/album/34779-ringwerm--murgatroid-seahorse-turnstyle Own: http://www.reverbnation.com/store/view_item_album/artist_2824609?item_id=1808246# Free DL's: http://www.reverbnation.com/audio_player/download_song/17669493?modal=true http://www.reverbnation.com/audio_player/download_song/17669576?modal=true

murgatroid  (about 4 years ago)


RINGWERM'S Zombie Galaxy Movie Score Out Now On KPLR!

Ringwerm & Krillllpollen Ltd. Records Bring To You Zombie Galaxy (The Official Score). This Album Was Completey Written, Recorded, Mixed, Edited, Mastered & Graphically Designed Using A Samsung Galaxy S II Android Phone and only utilizing Free Apps from the Google Store. This is an example as well as a time capsule demonstrating where the human race has gone with technology. http://www.reverbnation.com/ringwerm/album/32024-ringwerm-zombie-galaxy-official Stop by our store on Reverb Nation To purchase. Be sure to check for the free downloads as well. Streaming Is always free! Happy Zombie Slaying! They're Coming For REAL!