NEW ALBUM OUT. TPBG recognize!

Be sure to check out our new album out now on Krillllpollen Ltd. Records Entitled: Toilet Paper Bunny Gummer. Originally This was going to be a collaboration with Corporal Robot Lips But He has been M.I.A. for the past 6 mos...So RINGWERM decided to release the tracks that they originally did for this collab regardless. Hope you enjoy these amazing sounds good trips. MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE SINGLES BEEF FISH AND PLACENTA JERKEY PATE' OR IF YOU ARE INTO MIAMI VICE CHECK OUT THE SONG SPACE MAXI-PAD ECTOSKELETON CHI FOR SOME CHILL KIX AND RINGWERM delight!. UR kUNg Fu Not bAd. This album is dedicated to Corporal Robot Lips for your music provided us with the inspiration to rock this genuine music. much love. and we will still work with you if you would like. Peace Ya'll enjoy


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We've Got Several Collaborations In The Works With Top-Notch Artists... Keep an Eye Out For New Releases!


Krillllpollen Ltd. Records Has done it again they have delved deep into the Archives Of The Embryo. We plan on satisfying your ears with A 10 disc boxset due for release in tandem with the 10th album due sometime late 2013. You can expect A new Unicycle Albums To Pop Up at random until the final Boxset Release Date. Be sure to check out the first two albums here on Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/ringwerm/album/22828-unicycle-the-second-cycle

Film Work...

RINGWERM Is Gonna Be Bustin' Out The Ol' Cameras Again. So Look Out For RINGWERM'S New Videos And Short Films In The Next Couple Of Months! WORD!!!

Posted New Album, "Planet New Year".

Join RINGWERM As They Visit Each Planet, Writing Spontaneous Compositions Into Their Space Multi-Tracks!

POOP FOR VD AND 2013! PP 10101010111

COMING SOON ON KPLR: 1. RINGWERM/KOBE COLLAB 2. RINGWERM/Murgatroid COLLAB 3. RINGWERM/CORPORAL ROBOT LIPS COLLAB 4. CELEBRITY ALL STAR COOLABORATION ALBUM 5. PLANET ALBUM 6. UNICYCLE: FIRST CYCLE 7. Dee J. Ovalteen (RINGWERM) SOLO concept album: Wendell The Oyster 8. Collaboration Anthology 9. Puppynecklace & The 91yr. Old Porpoise: Live Anthology 10. DJ supa's solo album

///so many release due for 2013 from Krillllpollen Ltd. Records...Stay tuned for some sick new videos too. Happy VD; that is, Venerial Disease 101001011010101010101101011111100010010110101001000101000110111110101010101010101POOP!

Posted New Song

Just Posted An Experimental "Trip-Step" Song From Our Upcoming Album, "Planet New Year"!!! The Album Tells The Story Of RINGWERM Going Into Outer Space And Visiting All The Planets Of The Solar Sytem.

RINGWERM New Album!!!

Almost done with our next album, "RINGWERM Visits The Solar System"!!! We will be posting it soon! Thanks to all the Wermz for their support!

Baby Beats (feat. Human Baby)

Just Finished Our First Collaboration Track For 2013! Human Baby Rolled By And Helped Write The Outrageous New Track: "Baby Beats"!!!