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when i was a young man i was afraid of becoming an old man playing guitar in a mexican restaurant/ now that i am older i am afraid that i won't


A lot of people can't play but they make it big. Doesn't fool this son of a bitch here; I've heard music so many different ways, I listen to it and I can tell. The sound of it, the beat of it. I've played all my life just about. But sometimes what matters is just getting along and I was too hard-headed. You ain't always got to do no hell of a lot of playing to make something for yourself. It takes more than that. -Honeyboy Edwards

New Album Track List

1. San Antonio 2. Praying Ground 3. Stuck with You 4. Let it Rain 5. Blues for Jonah 6. Born for Good Luck 7. Ramblin' Mind 8. I Can See

There will likely be a few bonus tracks available - stay tuned for details!