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Sibin- Industrial Life- Review

Congrats to Sibin for an excellent review by Celtic Folk Punk for our 2012 Album Industrial Life. Search Sibin on reverb and hear for yourself what everyone is talking about. Happy New Year all the best for 2013. Charlie.

Speedy's Revenge.

These tunes were inspired to my by a little mouse that I had nicknamed Speedy. I couldnt catch him.. or trap him, for he was way too smart for me. Soooo I put these tunes together in honor of the little fellow. Charlie.

Raggle Removal.

Apologies I removed raggle taggle gypsy from my profile. The reasoning behind this was simply because the song was "not quite there" in my eyes. Charlie.

Title Change - RAIN

This is an original tune I put together for Full Circle. It was firstly called "The Coven", I changed it to ''Cooks Oven" temporarily for RN, now my wife has decided Cooks Oven sux and it sounds more like rain. So ''Rain" it is!.......Happy Wife, Happy Life! What do you think?

Hot Fm Interview -Feat Corey Barbary

Check out Sibin on Reverb Nation and have a listen to two new tracks from our new album 'Industrial Life'. Cheers Charlie.

More Tunes.

I have a few more tracks from the Unfinished Album Called Full Circle. I will add them when the need calls for it. Cheers Chuckler

Tunes & Songs

I just uploaded 1 song and 2 tunes. All instrumentation done on Raggle Taggle are by myself incl vocals (Sung in the Plaxty fashion)during the album project of mine called Full Circle back in early 2001. Guitar on the tunes done by Stephen Dolan.

Enjoy Charlie.