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Interview of Marc (May 2010) by : Torodd Fuglesteg for ProgArchives

To start with; please give me your (long or brief) thoughts and reflections on....... M.A.S.C. from 1993 M.A.S.C is my first solo album, most compositions that are in this album didn't splice in characteristics required for the Edhels band that is the reason for which I had recorded several of them aiming to make a solo album. Some months later I had the opportunity to make listen to Mellow Records and they decided to produce this album spontaneously . Le Train Fantôme from 1994 Le Train fantome is a spectacle conceived and achieved by my friend the excellent painter Philippe Breton. He imagined and wrote a history told on the scene of a theater by more of 130 pictures painted by himself, only the pictures appeared on stage, descended by hangers, either they arrived on arranged rails of every side of the stage, one synopsis acting as guide was distributed to every spectator what helped them to follow history told by the pictures and the music for that Philippe had asked me to compose. The spectacle lasted a few more of one hour.We played it in the national theater of Saint Etienne in France during three days and we made heaped room during the three days.We hoped that some investors he demonstrates to present this unique spectacle in other cities but it was really complicated and expensive to transport all this material and also immediately the first evening some spectators had bought pictures of the spectacle and had not wanted anymore to let leave them on a tour.It had been necessary that Philippe recreates the spectacle every day while repainting new pictures, what would have inevitably provoked a systematic modification of the history.It remains only the music of this incredible spectacle because since this time the 130 pictures have all been sold and each now has its own history. The Dream Side Project N° 1 from 1999 - I remember that some of my friends artists, sculptors, painters, designer had to organize an evening to present their works in their shop at Monte Carlo, they asked me if I could prepare some musics to create a way of ambiance with their works, I was installed on a metallic catwalk way and had very little place, I had therefore write and recorded some arrangements on a revox that acted me as playback and I intervened lead with a guitar or a keyboard.Thereafter several people asked me where they could find the musics that they had heard at the time of this evening, So I took these tracks and I worked again on them to achieve The Dream Side Project N° 1. " SALTIMBANQUES” from 2003 - some can believe that it is about an album of Edhels but it is an inauspicious (confusion - commercial)... It is my fifth solo album, even though I invited two ex members of the band to play on two or three tracks.Some tracks of this album were written for a long time (the themes of the tracks 2 / 4 and 9 have been written in the 70’s) they would have may be played by Edhels but it is not the case. I am very proud to have gotten the Best song Guitar instrumental 2006 (Golden Kayak award) with the track " Paradoxical intentions " on the famous independent artists company USA.

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