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New Album Underway !!!

We've are in the middle of tracking our next Album. It will be 7 new rocking songs. Keep Calm and Stay Tuned !!!

Bass Player Auditions !!!

The Thiefs are currently holding auditions for a new bass player. If you are a bassist, dig what we got going on, and wanna rock out, then be sure you hit us up.

Rocktober !!!

Summer is over and we have a cool lineup of shows for Rocktober. 10/3 at Sidebar in Baltimore MD, 10/11 Beer Pong Fest at Flanagan's in Bethesda, MD and 10/17 Creep Show at Branded '72 Pit in Rockville, MD. Come out for some great all original rock'n'roll !!!

Summer of THE THIEFS

Hey Thiefamaniacs!!! There's been plenty of activity at The Thiefs' underground hideout. And you, the beer-drinking rock n' roll lover, will have a better summer because of it.

First up, we officially kick off what we expect to be a jam-packed schedule with a rad gig at one of DC's local music hotspots, The Pinch. Saturday, May 17, with our good friends Hounds of the Bordello and four other kickass bands. The Thiefs hit the stage around 8:30, so don't be late kids. And we'll follow that up Friday, May 23, at Chapala's Blue Beetle Rock Bar in Burtonsville, Md!

If you're one of our many fans in a galaxy far, far away and can't check us out live, never fear!! You can get your Thiefs fix via the world wide interwebs. Keep an eye out for our NEW VIDEO for our kickass tune "HEADHUNTERS," dropping in the next few weeks! Filmed on location at one of The Thiefs' lairs and other secret sites. We'll need everyone to share this video with their friends, family, lovers and enemies.

And last but certainly not least... if you've seen The Thiefs live, you've surely seen the Big White Van that gets our asses from point A to point Rock. But what's the story behind the magical van, you ask? Stay tuned for the full story of rock, debauchery and mayhem and find out how an average 1989 van helped change the music scene forever.

Live to rock, and rock to live! \m/

Ben The Thiefs

New Music Video !!!

Come feast your eyes and ears on a new video for our tune The Ride ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U69xjDAuYcs

Cool new EP review just in !!!

Think of classic Americana soul rock, and that is precisely what The Thiefs are bringing us on their latest album, It’s Not You, It’s Us. The band is made up of three musicians, but while listening, you could easily believe there are more members because the sound is so rich and full of energy. They really “bring the tunes” and carry that live music feel to this studio album. The track “Good For My Age” is the mood-setter for the entire album; yeah, these dudes are a bit older but they’re still rocking the hell out and “owning the front page” in the process. These dudes are serious and I’m sure that there isn’t anyone doubting them because this song is so passionate and true to the musicians’ love of music and it shines through the guitar riffs. “But we look good for our age... we work for an honest man’s wage,” is the anchoring chorus and I can just see this song lighting up a concert where the people are feeling the same way. A track that is a bit slower yet not lacking in passion is “Liquor Store.” The song starts off relatively mellow but as it progresses, the tempo and melody get stronger and stronger. “No I don’t think you’ll get out alive,” these lyrics and the accompanying tempo make me think of rock bands from the early 90’s like Nirvana, Cranberry, and SoundGarden because The Thiefs are similar to those grunge rock sounds that were so popular during that era. The Thiefs may be reminiscent of older times, but they have a sound all their own and have created a fusion of new age soul rock. Their music seems like it is mandatory to hear it live because of the energy that is embedded in the songs, so in that sense I feel as though I’m missing out. Recording quality is commendable as is the production of the entire album. This is a great rock album for anyone, young and old, to jam out to. Eva Cantillo - The Equal Ground

New Music Video !!!


Our New EP has DROPPED !!!

Get the singles or full 5 song EP "It's Not You, It's Us" right here, right now :^D


Great gig yesterday at Blue Sky Bar in New Market, Md...

But the real fun is coming in the rest of ROCKTOBER! Our debut EP "It's Not You, It's Us" is dropping in a matter of days, and we've got a jam-packed calendar.. coming to a city near you.

Rock on!

-The Thiefs


We gonna jam at Chaplas Blue Beatle Rock Bar tonight. 8pm. You should be there, get some love! RAWK!!!