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The Abuser's Song

Brand New Music... The Abuser's Song Gershwin Lake ft. Daniella Lioness Richardson https://soundcloud.com/gl-music-1/the-abusers-song

Waiting Is Listening

Music is life.... literally. As I wait for my new single to come back I woke up this morning, my ears are now to to JAH ready to run again with his message. Thats how I see it. A friend told me once, dont see urself as a singer. You are a messenger. I took that literally. I want to be always ready with my hands held out ready to take JAH message. So if I am being quiet just know that i'm listening.

You may ask how do you know when God speaks, how do you hear him, how come He don't speak to me. The thing is JAH speaks to us all the time but our own agendas our own voice is so loud that we can't hear him. Then we look to hear him through other people that we see fit to carry his message and we miss the message or messenger for that matter. Truth is JAH is in everything all around us. Just listen. You will know its the voice of JAH when you realize that the voice isnt coming from within you but everything around you, the universe, His creation. everything and most times every other messenger will be saying the same thing so loud and in unison. His sheep also knows His voice. Thats bible. So as I open my spiritual ears and place myself in a position to hear from Him I pray that you do the same today. He speaks. Just listen...

Nothing Without Anointing

We ministered at a church in Barbados on our visit there and we experienced some technical difficulty. We had no guitarist and no line for one of the keyboards. Well the only thing i prayed for was for JAH annointing so never the less we started to minister. Now I am a new artist so my songs probably are hardly known in the region. As we ministered one song in particular 'I am the Righteous' amazingly the church audience got it in there spirit and they were singing along. As i am here reflecting I realize that my ministry is nothing without God's annointing. See as a messenger of JAH I go by a different order. While perfection and presentation is important, the annointing is the clincher. No disrespect to my musicians but I didnt miss a thing. At that moment the annointing of JAH is all I relied upon so it felt like I had an ochestra behind me. I want to be obedient to JAH more so than being famous. Man!!! Its his message. I am just honored that he uses me to deliver it.


I sang 'Beautiful' at a primary school in Bdos and the response was overwhelming. At first i thought the content may be too deep but when i asked the little girls what do they think make little girls beautiful the answers were astounding. I also asked how many of them had facebook accounts, almost all of them did. Too heavy for them... nah, i think JAH message was just in time.

Take a listen n share. Lets get his message out there.


What If...

If i tell u that my audience is not the church would u be surprise. Will it make u doubt my stance as a Christian and make u not want to listen to what i sing about because its not typical gospel music. I've heard things like ur music is not "praise n worshipee" enough to be in certain rotations and ive heard that its too religious based to be in secular rotations. So where does that leave me... Thats absolutely correct though. I dont consider my music secular r gospel. Its "MESSAGE MUSIC". My lyrics are to show the world a realistic, logical way of finding their way back to thier creator. Its only logical. If u want to know ur purpose the best person to seek the answer from is ur creator. Im not presenting to the world a tablet of laws. Thats been done. Im presenting "reason". There is a logic to life that i believe is missing from most of our "gospel music", even our churches. People in this day and age want reason. Not dos and donts. Its the information age. U have to come correct. U have to present logic, or else no one is listening. They are just dancing to empty sound. I cant sing songs like "gangster be wise" in church. Church is the most unlikely place that people of refute character (i know that can be argued) will come to chill. This song has a serious message of an alternative lifestyle to the gang banger, the drug dealer, the criminal. Singing a song like this to a church audience makes no sense if i want to sing to affect change. My music is "MESSAGE MUSIC". "MESSAGE MUSIC". Take a listen today by visiting www.gershwinlake.com. purchase ur cds at cdbaby.com, itunes.com, amazon.com, everywhere music is sold. Trust me, there is something in there just for u. Love uno. ‪#‎messagemusic‬ ‪#‎nicoftime‬ ‪#‎reggae‬ ‪#‎musicislife‬


Had such an awesome time singing at Capjuluca last nite i wish i was doing it again tonite. Music is life. Music is my life. Just cant live without it What i love about the gig is that i get a chance to sing about History. Songs like redemption song, 96 ° in the shade. Then i address social issues with songs like Imagine, who the cap fit etc. Then i sing about love in all forms, but mostly the love of JAH. I do songs like Peace, looking for love. They fit in so nicely. I feel as if i am getting a chance to reason with my audience from all angles. The reason why i sing is because i want to impact the lives of people in a positive soothing way that is memorable and inspiring. For me personally it gives me a chance to explore all genres, to look at the lyrics of a song n try to figure out the frame of mind the writer was in when he did it, what makes this song so epic. It makes me hunger more n more my big song. I say a prayer to God sofly, "Father God im waiting, im here, im available. Give me that one song that will impact the world". Sometimes life throws some unexpected things at us that sends us reeling, but music always brings me back. I feel.....good. love uno.

Happy Birthday Perry AKA Mr. MusicMan

Want to say happy bday to one of the humblest musians i know. Perry Hughes is a man of few words but every word is profound and well thought of. To make tjis clearer, he is a quiet guy and he preaches the word of God with an intensity that makes u want to hold on to ur seat. His musicianship is impecable, his annointing is evident. In parables band he is my annointing meter. We feel the presence of God at almost the same time everytime. He preached sermons that still resonates in my spirit even now. I wish him a great day today. Forever greatful

Spice @CapJuluca + Parables = 1 Awesome Night

Sang for the first time last night at Pimms. We did two hours. I went to the gig with so many fears. This was new to me and everything negative crossed my mind. I even wondered why I opted to do this at one point. Then as I got out of the first song n then the second I started feeling comfortable. At the end of the night I had a great time. There is so much to learn from that... But I won't get into that. I simply love music. I love beautiful lyrics that convey positive messages, about God, love, life. One of my favorite songs last night was redemption song, a song that talks about our physical and mental slavery. We did songs like Imagine and I even did one of my originals, looking for love. It was an amazing nite. I would definitely do it again. I have more respect for guys who do this nite after nite. Let the love of the art keep you. Love uno.

The Difference

The difference between a successful person & others is not a lack of strength or knowledge, but rather in a lack of will. You've been created in order that you might make a difference. You have in you the power to change the world. Its in u, unleash it today. Live your life with a sense of purpose!!!!

A Sense of Purpose

Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. The purpose of anything created is found in its Manual or from it interaction with its creator, we were all created for a purpose we need to know our purpose if we are to amount to anything in life. Seek out the creator or read your manual the Holy Bible and start living a life with a sense of purpose today.