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Music is on Major Online Music stores now!

Last week I setup payment options in iTunes and other places around the net. For one you can stream my music on your phone now through Spotify. Here is that link. https://play.spotify.com/artist/5I2s2pPeDxGpeuZPJtaZBa

Fwonk* Records

You start to feel accomplished when a net-label allows you on with them, but that's what happened lately. I'll be releasing albums through them and my bandcamp, nothing will change, only more exposure and more people will be listening and downloading this music, I'm very satisfied about that.


All of Almark's music is located here http://synthoelectro.bandcamp.com/


I'm on RebelMouse now, a place to pool all your social sites together, see you there! https://www.rebelmouse.com/synthoelectroalmark/

Reverbnation isn't my only stop for music

I hope you check out my Bandcamp page, where I host full albums and HD quality! https://synthoelectro.bandcamp.com/

'ATD' in the works.

I've been working on a new album, the idea started in 2012, but I didn't begin writing until 2013, around July I began heavily writing for the album. ATD is a journey through time, thus the name "Analog to Digital" It will be a surprise to fans, and when I write music I write for myself first, then sharing is part of the fun. At this time 10.23.2013 I have 80% of material written for the album. I'm anxious to release one more song before final, 32 bit is the only song that is released so far, until then.

LaTwitterview (interview) with RKC Radio Kaos Caribou

What a joy to have the help from RKC, I will be interviewed on the 9th of Oct 4PM NYC time 9PM UK, that's WED this week. The music will play for one hour on their site. Tune in here https://twitter.com/RadioKC and listen here. http://rkc.noip.me/


There seem to be a lot of genres here and my music doesn't fit into anything but straight Electronic, however there is no Electronic genre here on Reverbnation, I wish there was. I can't fit into Electronica because the music is certainly not that way, so I had to settle for Experimental, through Experimental on RN isn't exactly Electronic sounding from what I've heard. I do hope in the future rn decides to include Electronic on the list, it would really open up greater opportunities for people who really do write Electronic music such as myself. I tried to put myself in Electronica but I felt out of place. And anyway this music you will hear sounds nothing like the norm since it's avant-garde, who knows.

new shows

From time to time I create on the fly net shows from my bedroom via live streaming. My last show turned album was "Thought Patterns in 'Documentary' form" that album is on my reverbnation. The next show will be called Vibes, focusing on the avant-garde side of jazz elements and electronic, certainly something different from the last show, this show will be 2 months later than I wished, but totally worth the wait, until then.