With the kind of grandiose ambition that a rapper from East Memphis needs to pursuit the American dream of success, BankTeller E officially leads label, Kush Alumni, along with a budding solo career.

BankTeller E started rapping while attending Ridgeway High School in Memphis, TN, where back yard rap battle sessions began to mold his skills and talents. His knack for business mixed with natural street hustlin’ and grind removed him from the dirty bluesy streets of Memphis, TN and placed him as a prized recruit for many labels. In fact, the Freebandz label eventually picked Bank Teller E up as an affiliate, adding him to a small circle of associates who surround a well-known rapper by the name of Future.

Bank Teller E connected with Freebandz AR, Lionheart DSP, and Killa Mike promotions in the city of Memphis, TN. After the buzz of budding label, Kush Alumni, rose with a now established artist in Bank Teller E, he was able to share board rooms with Future as well as working with a host of artists. These artist include the likes of Yo Gotti, Zed Zilla, Allstar, Titty Boi, Gorilla Zoe, Yung Joc, and many others.

BankTeller E was soon presented with an opportunity to partner with a night club in Colorado Springs, Colorado which would surely expand the Kush Alumni brand. As an interest owner of a Hookah Lounge, Kush Alumni decided to move its headquarters to the back drop of a smoker’s paradise in the mountains of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

BankTeller E immediately used a massive crowd appeal to set a new standard for hip hop artist in Colorado Springs. Now, Kush Alumni, led by BankTeller E, is at the forefront of the hip-hop music scene in Colorado Springs, CO with a full label including: models, merchandise, artists, promotions, and a booking agent.

BankTeller E has the potential to become a national phenomenon. Come see what the clouds look like from above as BankTeller E and Kush Alumni put in work to become the hottest new label, movement, and lifestyle.