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Tour update

So , we getting closer to July 16th. Bands and venues are lining up and on lock down. Busy sorting out loose ends. All coming together!!!

Feb 9th,2013

So here we are...Playing a sold out show at The Sound Academy in Toronto. No pressure!!!! The place holds 2500 people. Its going to be insane!!!! We are super pumped and cannot wait. See you guys tonite!!!!

Feb 5th , 2013

Another day!!! We have so many things going on right now. We have a great big announcement to make soon. So i hope you guys are ready for The Usual!!!

Feb 3rd , 2013

Crazy day!!! We just got booked to play the Sound Accedemy in Toronto and the show is almost sold out. Its going to be one crazy week!!!

Jan 31, 2013

So its 7:30am....I cant sleep because there is so much going on. In my head and with the band. We released or singles 3 weeks ago and since then so much has happened in such a short space of time. The highest highs and some very low....lows. This industry the we like to call home is one of ups and downs and to put your whole life into it is an understatement. We love music....Thats why we do it ,we sacrifice so much every day , hoping that someone thats part of the music machine notices your music....and then .....before you know it. That day is here and all hell breaks loose. What i can say for the moment.....The Usual is about to launch!!!!

Date - January 30th

So the guitarist did not work out. Something about .......o well!!! Shit happens and people make their own beds. Moving along. Next!!!! In other news! We have received an offer from an Indie Label fom Vancouver and we are busy back and forthing with them. Its pretty exciting stuff. Will keep you guys up to date!

Date - January 29th

We rehearsed today with our new guitarist. What i can tell you guys is that this dude rocks. It was a good day. Booked a whole bunch of new shows and have some big dates to announce soon.