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"What Do You Want?" Album Synopsis

Album name: What Do You Want?

Track listing: 1) Black Hole Information-Paradox 2) Play, Pretend, Rewind 3) Through the Vortex 4) Embers of Remembered Dismemberment 5) Hyperbolic Timelines 6) Cognitive Dissonance 7) The Wait 8) Eighth-Dimensional Blues 9) In the Shape of a Painting

When the human body dies, the brain is flooded with N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, which controls states of consciousness. It is often said that the entire life of an individual may flash before their eyes during this short transition. Xane was a mortal in passing. He is watching himself before a star of critical mass, ejecting the rest of its fuel as it becomes a black hole. So close that he sees the gravity of his own reflection, red-shifting while it moves across the event horizon, Xane is the starlight entering the black hole. He faces his judgment, and all the different outcomes of his life experiences replay as he is cast into the void. The information of his existence is forced through a singularity. Xane's memories are strings of the aether. His consciousness interacts with other dream-membranes, forcing him to experience death as other transient human entities. He becomes lucid simultaneously and is jarred from this 6th dimensional state of existing in multiple shape-shifting universes, to a 7th dimensional state in which he is all of those universes. Enlightened, he realizes a pathway to this objective Omniverse of Nirvana, but it is clouded by his self-judgment and cognitive dissonance. On this plane Xane comes in direct physical opposition with his doppelgänger. In learning his association with this enemy, he transcends through death, spiraling once more, rising into the 8th dimension that hosts all possible beginnings and endings to every universal state below his phase space. In his Supreme form he sees mirror versions of all the universes that he is, surrounding him. His perspective of existence is embrightened once more to reveal him as a Colabi-Yau manifold. With all his energy he paints these joined octeracts. Enveloped in Brahman, staring into this painting, he is inundated by the divinity of his infinitude. Alas, his love for beauty is all-consuming. This great 10th dimensional point Is, and it is the same singularity that he Was and Is on a lower dimension at the end of his life. So Xane reincarnates as a mayfly, living in one day only to have sex and die, facing the black hole again.

New demo

We have just recently released our first studio demo, recorded by Andrew Zerbo. The demo is available on bandcamp as well as in person. We also have cozy new t-shirts for people to wear to show support while we work on our ambitious album. Look forward to lots of upcoming shows and a plethora of new music, including low-fidelity improvisations, which are very fun! Thank you all for keeping posted with us.


Hello, World. Pulp Culture stems itself of your realms and reflects them back unto you. We are activating the more advanced levels of aural sensory perception in order reveal the simple truth of being. Observe the media that we distribute, may it be a digital landmark for you to enjoy rhythm and melodic harmonies to satiate the pulp of your cultural whimsies. Welcome to this world! Check out our new demo of a song that is at the early stages of its coming to fruition on album in December. Namaste.