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Two More Albums

Mystery Soundwave has two new albums "Expanding Worlds" & "Retrograde Derelicts" God bless Matt The Wick!

End Transmission

Time does not exist as we think. The Universe is synchronized. Our music is playing in real time when you are thinking with spiritual thoughts. This music was part of an awakening process. It did not happen the way I thought, and that is fine. The transmission is over for now.

4 albums complete & unedited

Currently there are 37 downloadable tracks, 180 minutes of mindaltering spacejams. There are 4 albums complete & unedited posted on Soulseek. Enjoy the Transmission.

All are welcome

If anyone wants to add parts or vocals, listen to the music on headphones and record whatever it is you want, I"ll edit it in if it's fitting. Just give me the exact time on the track you start. These tracks are all done live stereo 1 track, enjoy the transmission.

Enjoy the Transmission

I don't know how long it will take for people to find these mindaltering spacejams. This is only the tip of a enormous archive of an endless whirlwind of sounds. Those who are adventurous, I have the complete unedited superlong superjams. Enjoy the Transmission.