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Smoke and Mirrors

Over the last 2 months or so I've had a virus that has refused to go away. Severe hay fever contributed more unpleasantness to the disease. Various other circumstances added stress to the mix. It felt like eternity. The persistence of illness led me to realise how important and fortunate good health is, to a depth I've not felt before. It has become so clear how draining, limiting and depressing being in bad health can be, particularly when it's continuous. I lost my confidence and ability to live life as I wish to. The low mood took me back to the fringes of a depressive realm that I've worked hard to move away from. Questions and self doubt followed, 'I'm not strong enough to do music, to perform and put myself out there.' 'I've missed my time!' 'Am I too old?' 'Have I wasted my life?' 'Will people laugh at me?' 'Who am I kidding? These feelings are universal. It's in times of despair, pain and illness that we learn some of life's greatest lessons. One being that life is not perfect. That real beauty lies in imperfection. The human spirit can reach and inspire others more than anything. Despite all this, we live in a culture which celebrates the superficial and vacuous. Now more than ever it seems, beauty IS only skin deep and that we do judge a book by it's cover. Consequently we are a 'civilization' riddled with insecurities and negative self image. More and more people feel inadequate and ugly. This takes us further away from our true selves. We've lost our way and we believe in chasing an unattainable dream of perfection. Why are we trying to make everything perfect? None of it's real, it's an ideal harking back to a bygone era of the Fifties....it's all just smoke and mirrors. It's not reality, it's fantasy. That's all fine so long as we know it's fantasy and don't look at ourselves in our everyday mundane lives expecting to be just as perfect and fabulous. We've started to believe everything that's put in front of us. We must question what we see and look deeper and we'll all be a lot better off. In conclusion, I've been asking myself where I belong as an artist and where do my songs live within this world of the superficial. I've just watched Cirque de Soleil in all it's glorious fantasy, soul and brilliance. I know it's not reality and it's not claiming to be, yet it evokes so much truth. It touches the heart and soul, where it matters the most....that's the kind of world Harry Toogood belongs to, smoke and mirrors, but in an honest way! So here I go, I better get to work...feel free to join me! My first officially released material The Tapestries EP, featuring 5 original pop songs written and produced by myself and Behnam Muzik is COMING VERY SOON!!! Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, I'll be uploading 2 brand new songs in support of Behnam Muzik's incredible new mixtape, 'Struggle to the Throne'. Gone With The Wind is taken from it. Cool in the Sunshine is a bit of fun we had in the studio...a feel good summery pop classic! For more information, follow me on Twitter, @HarryToogood4u. Take care, Love Harry X


Dear Reader, It's 5 am and this is the 2nd night I've done an all nighter...not partying i hasten to add but working and thinking on my music, my dream and keeping it alive. My menial job has been getting to me and I've been itching for change and feeling like running away. My music is what's keeping me here (and keeping me going) so I'm turning the other cheek, plugging into my world, turning a corner and believing I CAN do this. As any artist knows, when the energy is there you must go for it and be prolific while you can be 'cos when there's lows it's difficult to make anything happen! I've had an inspiring couple of days...2 studio sessions and some really helpful talks about artist development and how powerful social media is. I've finally come of age and set up a twitter account...surprisingly, I love it..its so straight forward and the ultimate networking tool (and great for news and interesting goss and stuff) that has already steered traffic to this very page of mine. I've recorded a very spontaneous and natural acoustic take of an old song that's dear to me, If I Loved You which I've posted. I'm thinking about doing some you tube videos too to help me rehearse for more live shows...some covers, some of my songs..making it a regular thing to keep people interested. Any ideas welcome! Please tweet or message me:)

The photo shoot for the album artwork took place a couple of weeks ago in the Theatre Royal at Bristol Old Vic (where I used to work). It went really well and Boo took some great shots and really caught the essence of the concept. Iv'e posted a couple in my photos section and made one my profile picture:) Behnam and myself are working 2/3 sessions a week on the album and its coming along nicely. I'm hoping to release a single and promote it with live performances and social media, and film a video for it too followed by the album release.. While that's all in the pipeline and money being saved to fund it, there's an album track A step in Time posted and I'll get on the you tube mission! Till next time I wish you well and to please keep an eye on me...I need your support!!! #'@HarryToogood4U Enjoy the summertime :) love Harry x

May 2013

Dear Reader, What a year 2013 is shaping up to be, both personally and creatively. Although I'm not out there in the ether quite yet, rest assured I'm sewing the seeds and laying the groundwork so I've got something worth sharing. I'm busy recording my album and rehearsing. Since my last post in January, I've been working on about 30 songs; arrangements and production with my producer and friend Behnam Muzik. We're now laying down the vocals and guitar tracks followed by mixing and mastering. I'm really excited by how the songs are coming together and truly believe this album will be something special. A pop masterpiece, as I always envisaged it to be. Whether 1 or a million people listen and like it is irrelevant really...realising this album truly is a dream come true. Artistically I believe in this 100%, So please stay on board and bear with me because there's some great pop music with heart, soul and strong messages coming soon!!

with love and respect, Harry Toogood

Ian Nulty
Ian Nulty  (over 4 years ago)

That's the attitude! Can't wait!


Hello! Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone to came to my very first show performing with my guitar and own original songs! For those who missed it, there's a video on this page (Live at the Crypt) ..if you like it please like my facebook page (harrytoogoodmusic). All comments welcome. I'll be performing a Valentines show at The Crypt, Bristol in February...will post details when I get them. 2013 is going to be a prolific and hopefully rewarding year. I will put my heart and soul into my music more than ever before and give everything I've got...and I really hope I come across well and people like me and my music.Hope you have an amazing year. Love Harry X

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Hey Man

I would just like to say i am very excited about my up coming projects that i am working on! I can't wait to get out there and share them with all of you! So stay posted guys! Thank You!