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Where I'm From's feature on W.O.A. Records' Independent No. 1s Vol. 2

Idre’s hit single Where I’m From has been featured on W.O.A. Records’ Independent No. 1s Vol. 2 Compilation, released in Goa, India on November 1st by W.O.A. Records.

The compilation features over 30 of the world’s best indie bands. Digital distributions are now available on iTunes and other digital stores and over 10,000 copies have been distributed to major media partners including Vh1, Times, global radio and print media partners, radio, press and clubs at holiday destinations including Ibiza, Goa, Mumbai, Thailand, Dubai, Toronto, London, New York and Hard Rock Cafés worldwide. The album will also receive in-store cd distribution at stores like Virgin Megastores, Landmark, Planet M and many more by November 25, 2013.

Hailing from West Kingston, Jamaica, Idre recorded Where I’m From as a tribute to his home country. Like much of Idre’s music, the song advocates consciousness and strength while still illustrating the truths and realities of life. Idre speaks to the younger generations:

Go read a book and improve yu intellect/ Go meditate fi make the pound and U.S./ Go get di gal dem di goodas and di preps/ And stop move tuff before man bore up yu chest

Through the versatility like that displayed in Where I’m From, blending various styles of music and lyrical content, Idre is able to reach the masses. Idre believes that as an artist, you have the ears of the people, and therefore, have a great responsibility and influence over them. As Idre puts it, “positive meditation is key to success.” As demonstrated here, Idre’s music sheds a positive message and enforces in youth what sometimes is lost today.

Visit http://www.idremusic.com for more from Idre. More information on the compilation, including locations for stores and digital downloads, is available at http://www.independentnumberones.com.

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--W.O.A. Records is a division of W.O.A. International, formed in 1998 by MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee and International Musician and Filmmaker Oliver Sean. It is one of India's largest International Independent Music labels with over 200 artists signed to the roster and over 1000 albums and titles licensed to W.O.A. Records for distribution in the region.

Exclusive with Idre on WMSE Milwaukee

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UPDATE: The interview is available at http://wmse.org/archive/new.php?dow=Thu&hour=210