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When Life Gets Tough

When life gets tough,  And u think the end of the road is soon to come, What do u do?  When you think that there is no future,  And all that is left is the repeating past, What do you do?  When things overflow   And all the feelings of negativity start to show,  What do u do?  When u know ur best isn't enough,  And it causes everything else to get rough, What do u do?  But most of all, what do u do when u feel like giving up?  When people look at u and begin to judge, They think they know but they don't really know the aspect of,  What ur going through.  And in reality u don't tell them cuz u know they can't and they won't understand. When u feel like u can sleep forever cuz there's no meaning for anything,   Wat do u tell them when they ask "what's wrong?"  What do u do when they smile n say hi, What do u do in life?

- Quasheika Smith

True Happiness

I often wonder what roads lead to happiness,  Or atleast happiness for me.   The more I think I'm taking the right path,  The more my roads begin to clash.   Dark and cloudy are the roads along the way,  I'm never truly happy even though it's a brand new day.   Memories and feelings of pain and hurt,  No longer trusting anyone or giving them a chance due to fear of getting hurt.   This is not the way one should live,  Help me help me I'm giving in.   Emotionally drained due to all of this pain,  Hopes high only to be let down in return,  For true happiness is what I yearn.    I really don't understand this thing we call life,   Because nothing ever turns out right.   Nothing and no one ever makes me happy,   You may see me smile but it doesn't mean I'm happy.  So tired of caring and others not caring in return,  How to be happy - will I ever learn?  I'm so true to others,  But never have I received the same treatment.  I'm trying to live without any resentment.  I will not dwell on the past,  Because some how God gave me the strength to forgive.   And through his eyes I will live,   Hoping to someday find true happiness.

- by Quasheika Smith

THIS IS ME (2012)

I used to sit back and ramble through old songs and situations that I've been through, & at times I still felt the pain and the hurt, wondering if I deserved or even did anything to be treated the way I've been treated in the past, dwelling on the issues and not being able to move on, but that was back then ofcoarse. Today, I am this new beautiful, glowing, happy, young woman. No longer I am able to think about the past with sadness. I now realize exactly why I have such an amazing present nd future. I'm 20 years old, I don't have any kids, I have a wonderful mom that raised me right, I'm smart, I'm beautiful, and I have a wonderful man that loves me just as much as I love him . I'm very thankful for all of these things and I wouldn't trade my life for the world. This Is Me (2012)