DEK to be featured on internet radio show!!!

OK rockers!!! This Sunday morning, DJ Metal Daddy's Farvahar Metal Overdrive show on http://www.metalmessiahradio.c​om/ will be featuring a DEK song so tune in and ROCK!!!!

DEK gets an amazing album review at www.rockpit.net

Hey friends--we want to throw out a special thanks to our friend Shane Pinnegar who runs www.therockpit.net for an AMAZING review of THE DEAD END KIDZ' cd UNFINISHED BUISNESS. Here's a direct link to the review so you can check it out for yourselves! http://www.therockpit.net/Articles/2010%20Reviews/DeadEndKidzUnfinishedBusinessCD.php As always, check us out at http://www.myspace.com/dekmusic THANKS!!! DEK

DEK vocalist to be on LOUD AND PROUD internet radio show!

OK friends--THE DEAD END KIDZ vocalist JOHN ERIGO is going to be on LOUD n PROUD internet radio show this Wednesday@8:00 EST. THE DEAD END KIDZ will be the featured band of the night and you are ALL invited to call in! 989-433-6060 and yes kiddies, cursing is allowed! So an uncensored mic with JE...you can only imagine the madness that will ensue! Don't miss it! http://www.ubsn.net

PLEASE help DEK open for KISS in NY!!!

Hello! Please follow this link http://eventful.com/competitions/kiss2010/wantagh and vote for THE DEAD END KIDZ to open for KISS in Wantagh, NY via Demand it! Thanks for your support! DEK

NEW DEK Internet Radio Interview to air 4-13-10

Hey friends! I want to throw a huge thank-you to our new friend OMAR REYNA who has a show on http://www.hitlist101.com Omar is the CEO of www.metalmonthly.com and he recently interviewed DEK vocalist John Erigo. The interview will be broadcast at http://www.hitlist101.com this Tuesday night at Midnight CST. Thanks again to Omar for the opportunity to talk about the music that DEK made. Rock n Roll people! Thanks--John http://www.myspace.com/dekmusic http://www.facebook.com/pages/THE-DEAD-END-KIDZ/6323764485 http://www.youtube.com/john8186

THE DEAD END KIDZ cd reviewed on www.heavymetalcosmos.net

Hey gang! Yeah, things have been kind of quiet on the DEK front, but we still manage to get a rumble in here n there! With that being said, we'd like to thank www.HEAVYMETALCOSMOS.net for reviewing our cd UNFINISHED BUSINESS. As we consider ourselves far from being a "metal" band, it is still cool to see sites like this understand the vibe we are trying to create on this cd. Please check the review out here: http://www.heavymetalcosmos.net/en/reviews/375-t/263-the-dead-end-kidz-unfinished-business Crank it up and we'll be in touch soon! Thanks--THE DEAD END KIDZ www.myspace.com/dekmusic

DEK on BUCKCHERRY tribute bonus cd!

hey Rockers! A quick update for you. Just got a package in the mail today from VERSAILLES RECORDS(the same company that put out the KISS tribute cd we were on last year). What I got was the new BUCKCHERRY tribute cd titled LIT UP:A MILLENNIUM TRIBUTE TO BUCKCHERRY" http://www.amazon.com/Lit-Up-Millennium-Tribute-Buckcherry/dp/B00278FSMS/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1250896128&sr=8-14 . Included with the Tribute cd is a bonus disc of "Anthem Rock", which has a DEK song on it! Our song ONE WAY RIDE is in there, and there's a nice spot in the cd booklet with our bio and Myspace "badge". Cool stuff! The Nikki Sixx book we told you about, that includes a bonus cd with us on it, will be out soon also! As always, check us out at www.myspace.com/dekmusic or http://www.facebook.com/pages/THE-DEAD-END-KIDZ/6323764485 Thanks and KEEP IT LOUD!!!!!!!

The DEAD END KIDZ on Jango.com

Hey rock n roll friends! THE DEAD END KIDZ would like to announce that we are now on a music site called JANGO. You are asking you all to go to this site http://www.jango.com/music/THE+DEAD+END+KIDZ and give us a listen there to help us get into their regular rotation. Right now there are only 2 songs uploaded, but with your help we might be able to upload some more. So please check the tunes out(even if you've already heard them)on Jango and help out DEK! THANKS!!!

NIKKI SIXX book ready for pre-order!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey friends! A short while ago we told you about a Nikki Sixx book that is being re-issued with tons of extras, including interviews and pictures, and, best of all, a 2 cd compilation of original songs by bands inspired by Nikki and his music. That cd set will feature a song by THE DEAD END KIDZ! Here's the link to the story on Bravewords.com Thanks! DEK http://www.bravewords.com/news/118311

THE ONE-live video of DEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright rockers! Please check out a live video of DEK performing THE ONE at Famecast.com http://www.famecast.com/contest/stage.php?sid=1&rid=1498&aid=20654&vid=20694