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I Think I Just Might Die

Well, this is not just the title of the soon-to-be released single by JBM, but it's also my reaction to getting the vocal tracks from Anthony Valbiro. All I can say is this piece would have never come about without the fantastic effort of all involved - Anthony, Kevin Smith, Last Flight Out Productions including the audio and video studios and my son Andrew Byrd for working on release artwork. What a tremendously talented group of people! AND YES - WE *DID* BUILD THIS!!!! Thanks guys :-)

Getting Crazy

Well, it's been a long hill to climb, and as I stand on a ledge on the way up, I see a music video ... it looks almost surreal from this height. I'd like to thank everyone that had a part in bringing this together. You all know who you are, and have been a tremendous help and support along the way. I hope everyone enjoys some of the work that's been done here. I play for myself, because I enjoy it - I make music for others, and hope they will enjoy it even 1/2 as much as I did making it. It's a little rough sometimes being an "it's all me" kind of artist, but one thing's for certain - nobody's going to fire the bass player! :-)