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I work my 9-5,Better cut my CHECK!!

In the last three decades or so, Men and women’s’ gender roles have shifted so quickly that both men and women are still trying to adjust to the new rules and the different dynamic that these rules bring about day to day lives. The question is, are men comfortable with women as breadwinners in the family now more than ever? or is it harder for them to accept now more than ever?

Women have come far and are able to accomplish almost everything that man can do but yet the sectors that are important i.e. politics and leadership positions among other thing are primarily male dominated. It is as if no matter what women do they will never match up or be dominant because it is not ideal. In fact many fear a female dominated society. Men are reluctant to relinquish control to women out of the fear of de- masculinization.

Going far back into the history of gender roles, we have been taught that men are supposed to be the bread winners, the protectors and the providers. Women were primarily taught to be the care takers and care givers and their primary responsibilities revolved around maintaining the home and taking care of the children while their husbands worked to provide for the family.

Before women were able to work, women worked but they did not get compensated fairly so they couldn’t be bread winners Even if they wanted to. When the labor laws were passed and women were able to make a decent wage, some became heads of their own single family household and/or headed up their own families with husbands who had been laid off due to recessions and things of that nature. Since then, women and men have had to question their gender roles out of necessity and the challenges that come with it. According to the western world a woman as the breadwinner is a rather awkward phenomenon for both the man and the woman to adjust to.

What do you think?