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Video Premiere | The Frisbys – Give In To The Dark by Ian Parker • 5 November 2015


We first heard from the Frisbys – twins Helen and Nicola plus friends – back in 2013 when they released the outstanding Philosolve EP. Now there is good news for fans of their glorious harmonies and sweet, emotive sound as they are preparing to return in early 2016 with a new collection The Cause. To preview the new EP, they will release a double A-side single Born and Raised/Give Into The Dark at the end of the month.

They describe ‘Born And Raised’ as “light hearted and upbeat…almost a countrified version of ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC” which certainly sounds fun, but before that we can offer you a first look at the video for the flip side, a hopeful song about supporting a loved one through dark times. http://www.forfolkssake.com/news/32283/video-premiere-the-frisbys-give-in-to-the-dark

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Premiere: The Frisbys - Give in to the dark For those of you unfamiliar with The Frisbys, they are fronted by twins Helen (vocals, flute) and Nicola Frisby (vocals, acoustic guitar) who have been singing and playing music together since they were old enough to speak. As you can hear on Give in to the Dark, a song about supporting a loved one through hard times, they have some of the most beautiful harmonies, both intuitive and uplifting. That decision to increase their numbers with a band was fortuitous as the arrangements really do lift this song to a breath-taking level. It’s a pleasure to premiere Give in to the Dark which features on their new double A-side single – the first to be released from EP The Cause (released January 29th 2016).

The Frisbys release their new double A-side single Born and Raised/Give in to the Dark, on November 27th 2015 via Dantobaccus Records.


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The Frisbys are an absolutely exquisite folk defined sound hailing out of London, England! Their eloquent song arrangements are centered by fantastic and melodic glowing vocals/harmonies that are expertly surrounded by superb musicianship performance elements of folk, alternative rock and proper pop flows. They are ‘without a doubt’ an ‘up & coming’ unsigned band that really I foresee having really rocking roads ahead! On that note, good music appreciators globally should really captivate their ear music galaxies to this exceptional music platform. I have, brilliant potential here, for sure! -Forkster

Girl Singers With Glasses

Read the new interview with the amazing sisters Nicola and Helen Frisby.

Visits the website: http://www.thefrisbysband.co.uk/

Get the debut EP Philosolove at the links below! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/philosolove-ep/id620558209 http://thefrisbys.bandcamp.com/album/philosolove-ep

Where were you born, where have you lived?

Nicola: We were born in Norfolk, England but lived in Germany for 12 years. We only moved back to England when we were 17.

How did you choose the name of the group and is that your real last name?

Helen: Yes it's our real last name! Me and Nicola played as a duo in college and that's what we were known as. We wanted to change the name but it just sort of stuck.

Have you studied music together?

Helen: Yes we both did a music degree at university.

How many instruments do you play?

Nicola: I play guitar, sing and I am learning to play the piano. Helen: I play guitar, flute, sing and play a bit of harp.

Have you any other solo projects outside the group?

Nicola: Yes, we both write songs for the band and also our own compositions. It's hard to find the time but we hope to be recording songs for our additional project 'IamUnicorn' in the next few months.

When did you decide to create this band?

Helen: In 2011 we first began to talk about the idea. None of us were really performing at that time and having heard some of our early songs, Marc and Sam asked us if we would like to become a four piece.

For the genre of music you want play, who decides what kinds of instruments you will need?

Nicola: It depends on the song really. We are very lucky to have Sam and Marc who are brilliant musicians and can pick up most instruments. We try to add only what is needed to enhance the songs.

Listening to your song we are charmed by the sweetness and the melancholy. What your life's theme song could be?

Nicola: Thank you! It's hard to say. I love songs that make me feel something, whether happy or sad. I'm not sure what my life's theme song would be.... the new Keaton Henson song 'You' seems to strike a real chord with me at the minute.

Writing the words to songs is often thought of as personal. What is your process for writing songs ? Do you write together?

Helen: We often begin songs alone and then bring them to the band to work on. Our lyrics are personal to us and it can be hard to explain what our songs are about. We'd like to think they can be interpreted in different ways.

The boys are they an important part of the group ?

Helen: Absolutely. They add so much in terms of instrumentation and musicality. We're beginning to write together more as a whole band, which is great and brings a new dimension to our sound.

What are your musical influences and what music are you listening to right now?

Nicola: Right now I'm listening to Rae Morris, Keaton Henson, Ella Fitzgerald, First Aid Kit and Daughter. As a band we have very diverse influences.

You have saved a E.P. called Philosolove. A new album will be recorded soon? If yes, can you tell us more about that?

Helen: We are working on a new E.P that should be ready in the new year. We're looking forward to getting it out there and will hopefully be releasing a single in the next couple of months.

Where can we buy your music?

Nicola: You can download it from Itunes and Amazon or buy a physical copy from our Bandcamp page on Facebook.

You are twins but only Nicola wears glasses. It's just for recognizing you is she the most myopic of you both?

Nicola: I'm definitely the blinder out of the two of us!

Beyond glasses, do you devote full attention to your image?

Helen: We think about what we wear for photo shoots and gigs but not really more than that. We're quite a casual, laid back band!

For Folk's Sake - Song of the Day

#55 THE FRISBYS – PHILOSOLOVE 27 April 2013 By Ali Mason

Please do not confuse the Frisbys with one or more fris-bees. Far from being named after something you might toss away, they take their name from the harmonising twins at their core, Helen and Nicola Frisby. Together with Sam Keer and Marc Robinson, they have been treating an array of London venues to their beautiful sound – steeped in English folk traditions without a hint of insipidity – for the past couple of years and, following the release of the debut EP Philosolove a couple of weeks ago, they are now ready to spread their wings a little further.

Sound of The Underground - Croydon Advertiser Interview

The Frisbys take their inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and a few modern day influences too, as Stephanie Darkes discovers…

Hi guys, how is 2013 treating you so far?

Nicola: Great so far. We will be releasing our debut E.P ‘Philosolove’ on the 25th March, which we’re all really excited about. We’ve also done a couple of live radio sessions, which was a nice way of seeing how it all works behind the scenes. Helen: We recently had our first gig of the year, which was supporting Coyne and Drever at the Scream Lounge in Croydon. It was an amazing start to the year playing with such established musicians.

How did you become involved in the type of music you play/sing now?

Helen: Nic and I have been singing and writing together since we were tiny. We were always singing at the back of long car journeys, harmonizing along to the radio. Nicola: We met Sam and Marc whilst we were studying music at University. I suppose the type of music that we play is a combination of the music that we love to listen to.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Marc: As a band we all like quite different stuff. So choosing songs to cover is always hard, as someone usually has to back down. We all really love Fleetwood Mac and artists from the 70s such as Carole King, Jackson Browne and the Eagles. Sam: Someone like Gotye is inspiring because he’s so unique but has managed to break into the mainstream.

What do you think about online music sharing?

Helen: As a band, you want your music to be heard and so it is a good thing that people are sharing music that they enjoy. The downside is that it can be difficult for upcoming musicians to fund making their music, when they have to give so much away for free. You need be creative with how you promote your music and move with the times. Sam: The emphasis is now on live music and using recordings a promotional tool. It suits us as playing live is one of our strengths and is the best part of being in a band.

What gigs do you have lined up this year? Marc: Our next gig is at Matthews Yard in Croydon on the 28th March, which is our first time playing there. We are booking in as many gigs as we can so that we can promote the EP. An EP launch party is in the works, which should be a lot of fun. There will also be a mini tour in the summer for a couple of weeks as well as some small festival gigs.

Where is your favourite place to go out in Croydon?

Nicola: We used to go out quite a lot in Croydon town centre but we spend most of our time now at The Scream Lounge. It has a really warm atmosphere and is a great place to check out local bands.

If you could support an artist / band from the present or past who would it be and why?

Sam: I think we would all say someone different because we all grew up listening to different bands. I would pick the Eagles because I would have loved to have met them and been in America in the 70’s in that scene.

Describe your music in 5 words….

All: Original, Warm, Melodic, Harmonious, Folky-Pop,

Thank Folk For New Bands

Thank Folk For That

With comparisons to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac and First Aid Kit, and with venues like The Natural History Museum already ticked off their list, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in to what The Frisbys had to offer. And just as their CV promised, I was blown away. The title-track of their new EP Philosolove began with beautiful vocals, which evolved into some truly stirring harmonies between the twin Frisby sisters Nicola and Helen, which reached unexpected heights once Marc Robinson and Sam Keer brought them into full swing. There’s a fresh, honest feel to this band that make them instantly likeable, and, as well as their undeniable talent, their wonderful chemistry is sure to make their debut EP a success, and allow them to keep creating this moving, uplifting, and sometimes movingly haunting, music. Based – London Find them at – thefrisbysband.co.uk Latest release – EP – Philosolove Listen to – Tired


Under The Radar - David Durant

Delicious harmonies, supreme musicianship, original style

I first saw The Frisbys performing a live set at The Bedford in Balham, one of London’s finest live music venues for emerging artists. This four-piece band is led by twin sisters Nicola and Helen Frisby, and are ably accompanied by Marc and Sam on guitars and harmonies. Their songs are a blend of English folk with melodic pop, adorned with superb guitar picking, haunting flute, and the most delicious harmonies like only twins can sing. Nicola’s lead vocals are fresh, original and possess a distinctive Irish twang on the low range, and are beautifully complimented by Helen’s higher alto vocal characteristics.

Although they have been together as a band for a relatively short period of time since 2011, they play in complete harmony and make it look, feel and sound like they have been together all their lives. Their repertoire is made up largely of the twins’ compositions, but they have recently started to write together as a band, which no doubt will inject a whole new dimension to their sound with the boys own influences which range from hip hop to rock.

Their forthcoming EP ‘Philosolove’ is a fully studio produced collection of songs, some of which they included in their set in the Under The Radar live session. (Watch the videos below). No date has been set for the release of the EP as I write, so do keep an eye out on The Frisby’s website or in this blog where we will post a review.

The Frisbys are a very original, innovative and fresh band who have enough musical talent and ability to capture the hearts of new audiences, and it should come as no surprise when they start to headline important gigs and sell out some of the larger and more established music venues around the UK and beyond.