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Nissi's Bistro

Tomorrow is the day. Wowo this has been booked for 6 months. Hope to see and meet you all at the show. Please introduce yourself.


This weekend at Proto's and April 10th at Nissi's. If you are deciding which one, go with Nissi's. It is going to go off.

Fabulous Show!

Thanks to all our fans. We appreciate your support. Hopefully we will be back at D Note in a couple months.

D-Note Arvada Show!!!

Please come out. We are making a DVD and CD of this show so you might be able to be on it. It is going to be a blast playing for you. You will be blown away.

Our Fans Rock

Thanks for your loyalty. We filled the place and brought more revenue to the Cannon Mine than most bands. We are very proud this time. Not to mention the show was epic. 2 Hours and 20 Minutes straight. Unbelievable!

Cannon Mine Coffee Co.

Come out and have some fun. Dec.14th, at 730pm, in Lafayette, on Public Rd.

Wow, Thanks!

The show was just phenomenal. We had so much fun playing for you. I will be posting from the show soon. Check back and spread the word.

Nissi's Bistro

We need all our supporters to come out for an elegant evening of Rock/Pop/Soul at this most coveted place for musicians. The sirloin salad looked amazing too.

Sunday Night

Come see us perform for you. Wear your costumes. Its gonna be a blast!

Dickens Opera House

Thanks to Dickens for inviting us back to play for the community fans in Longmont. We are looking forward to making it a moving night for everyone, young and old.