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Reality is coming

This Electronica Project will become the real deal in the future. I'll be doing vocals once the instrumentals are down. Just think, what you heard here are the blueprints of the beginning to the Apocalypse.

I'm still around

Just doing other things on the otherside as you people call "Heaven" "Hell" HA! I make new things then forget to upload them until later. Hope you all like what i'm doing now. I have been evolving slowly. A sudden dramatic change will confuse your minds. Death Electronica is something different and like Death Metal there are no boundaries same goes to Electronica. Some would consider this Industrial I say I think you are right but no matter, it's something different. For my purpose of feeling happy and sharing what I can create makes me a pleasant peasant.

~Lost Soul

And i'm back!

New stuff coming soon. I've worked really hard on this next batch. I hope you all enjoy them once released.

~Lost Soul

RIP Summer

A good friend to the DFW Metal and Music scene passed away over the weekend. She was truly a good hearted person and truly someone you would wanted around in your life. RIP Summer. You will be Missed.

The Album

The album will now have 10 tracks. Some tracks on Reverbnation are on the album. Plus new ones not released to the public. ~Lost Soul

RIP Richard Ramirez

That's right, RIP to the Night Stalker. May his soul stalk us eternally forever.

With that said, I will add a tribute track to the list in his honor. I don't care if anyone hates the ideal but the fact is i'm not like some ordinary Electronica artist. I'm a Death Electronica artist. I'm underground not mainstream and this track will prove my allegiance to the underground. I make music for me and for others to enjoy openly not secretly. I'm not no Skrillex or Benni Benassi guy. I enjoy their music but not as much as i enjoy Slayer and Deicide. The way i will produce my material is the way it will be. No hate involved at all. My likings are not for everyone. In reality i'm a deep thinker and very strange to the normal living beings. So called all of us are dead but to become dead we must exist to exit. Dying is a part of life. You can go on studying about life but without the knowledge of death and how this and that works, studying life is very useless and only get half of the story. Studying life is all about living your experiences. From good to bad, doesn't matter what god you believe in or not. It's all about the experience you will one day leave with your children and their children. As morbid to this sounds like, it's about not having a soft mind but choosing to live with a weak brain hiding and denying reality is my ultimate sin. How can anyone hide reality if you don't simply live? Answer that and i'll buy you a beer. HA! Not likely will i stoop that low just for your own personal pleasures. Richard Ramirez was a man of evil and admits to such possession. Satanist till the day he died. A hero to his groupies. A role model to his idols. To me, he was one of few that changed this world on how we think to catch criminals as police and govt learn from mistakes use their minds to regain information and making it advanced. Without Ramirez, this world would suck like it or not.

~Lost Soul


An album is in the faith of the dead. For it will rise soon. I now see so many new faces on Reverbnation i'am grateful all of you come and please, share Poltergeist Ministry. For all of the European overseas countrymen and women, thank you for your help in keeping my Lost Soul well alive.

I wont post anymore new tracks until the a month before the album comes. Before that, i'm thinking E.P. is in stored. Maybe, if not shoot for the album straight ahead.

Thank you!

~Lost Soul

I've selected a two covers

One of them being a Type O Negative cover. Laying down drum tracks, finishing touches. The other cover is for wrestling fans. Anyone a fan of The Undertaker? I got that on my list to go for.

~Lost Soul

New tracks in process

I got a current track coming up in the few weeks ahead close to the new month. It's called "Voice of the Voiceless" I hope all enjoy that. At this time, i putting the finishing touches on it. Still trying to get a clear intro and out input on it.

~Lost Soul


Working on some covers and will be released in the future. Wont say which ones, but i hope most of you will enjoy the outcome.

~Lost Soul